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 From:  "Brandon Holland" <brandon at cookssaw dot com>
 To:  "'Fred Weston'" <Fred at daytonawan dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Headless router?
 Date:  Sat, 24 Jan 2004 18:34:34 -0600
I did, but unhooked it because it was beeping :)

But, it still reads the cd-rom, and I can tell it's loading m0n0,
because it goes through the same steps it would otherwise.

It boots up, and instantly the lights on the cd-rom light up.

Eventually the floppy lights for a second.

Then, in a couple seconds, the cd-rom takes off, presumably loading m0n0

(it's one of those first-to-come out 52X's so it's extremely loud when
it starts to read data)

At any rate, after a while, it reads the floppy once, then again in 2 or
so seconds.  This second time however, the light will stay on.

I've checked to see differences between boot up with and without video
card and the only difference with the video card is that when it reads
the floppy the last time, it of course, finishes and within a second the
console comes up.

So, it's right at the end of loading m0n0 when it freezes like that.  It
doesn't make sense to me.

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Brandon Holland wrote:

>When I try to make the m0n0 router headless it freezes somewhere during
>the reading of the floppy drive.  Is it not possible to boot without a
>video card in m0n0?
I think that may well be the motherboard complaining.  I don't think 
generic pc hardware will boot without a video card.  Do you have a pc 
speaker hooked up to hear beep codes?