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 From:  Melvin <melvin at sleepydragon dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Ayuda.. Portal Cautivo
 Date:  Sun, 28 May 2006 17:08:28 -0400
Why would you want to exclude the rest of us from gaining the benefit of 
any threads which get moved to a different list?  While I don't speak 
Spanish, the conversations that do become multilingual are sometimes 
beneficial.  The ones that don't are of no real consequence since I can 
easily delete the message and move on.  If you move some percentage of 
the list members to a different list then everyone suffers.  The only 
people who gain are those who are so busy that they can't take the time 
to delete a message they prefer not to see.  I'm certain that our list 
members, including yourself, are glad they don't fall into that category.

As for traffic generated by such posts, this discussion on complaints 
and counterclaims about whether non-English posts should be tolerated 
seems to have taken up more traffic than all the non-English posts 
themselves, in fact they're approaching do so by an order of magnitude. 

Perhaps we should kill the off-topic thread and move on to more 
important things like how I can forward a beer through my firewall.  I'd 
like to get some hard-to-find brands sent in from a friend.  Anyone have 
any ideas?

net dot tunneler at gmail dot com wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> I second the URGENT motion to create m0n0-es@ .
> Diomar Diaz wrote:
>> Un Saludo.... Amigos.. de verdad necesito de su apoyo y ayuda con
>> el M0n0wall...... ojala los expertos en m0n0wall.. me ayuden a
>> solventar este problema
>> Les anexo mas detalles...
>> Router Linksys WRT54G - Firmware Version: Alchemy-V1.0 v3.37.6.8sv
>> M0n0wall 1.2.
>> Les comento... que todos los usuarios inalambricos... estan
>> conectados perfectos.. el m0n0wall le da ip y todo perfecto.....
>> pero cuando activo el captive portal..... me aparece el login y
>> password... el cual .. le coloco los datos.. y nada... me vuelve a
>> aparecer la pantalla de el captive portal.... pidiendome los
>> datos....... hoy fuy a donde tengo el nodo.. y pego mi lapto a el
>> swicht de 8 puertos... y alli .. si funcionana bien.. es decir...
>> por ejemplo al abrir google.com.... me redirecciona a el portal
>> cautivo.. meto mi login y clave.. y aparece la pagina de
>> google.co,... perfectamente... porque pasa eso??? es decir....
>> cuando me conecto inalambrico.. no me me abre la pagina.. sino que
>> se queda redireccionandome a la pagina mismo de el portal
>> cuativo.....
>> Aproveche hoy.. de cambiar de firmware... ya ke tenia el dd-wrt..
>> pero no me gusta su funcionamiento y decidi instalar el
>> Alchemy-V1.0 v3.37.6.8sv .. es super sencillo pero estable....
>> Entonces.. No entiendo ke pueda estar pasando con el portal
>> cautivo.. agradeceria su ayuda..
>> Mil Gracias !
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