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 Subject:  ethernet broken on soekris 4501??
 Date:  Wed, 31 May 2006 13:51:04 +0200
On a brand new soekris 4501 with 64MB SmartCard i installed m0n0wall v1.22. i booted m0n0 and
accessed the webGUI...everything runs
fine. After altering hostname, domain and timezone i restarted my m0n0wall...everything runs fine.
Then i changed the ip of the LAN
interface from to and rebooted m0n0wall...since this change i doesn't got
an ip lease by dhcp and i also
can't access m0n0wall by configuring my notebook with a static ip address.

I tryed:

1. Rebooting my notebook
2. rebooting soekris
3. configuring my notebook with a static ip ( 4. reconfigured my notebook to use
dhcp 5. reset soekris by pushing
"reset" and hold it down - unplugged from power while holding reset and plugged it on power again -
still holding reset for 30
seconds (error blinks in an interval of 10 seconds) - reboot soekris

When i try to "ipconfig /renew" on my windows xp workstation i does not get a real ip address (only
this 192.169.x.x). It's no
matter if i release the interface by "ipconfig /release" before i try to renew it. I tryed this for
each ethernet interface of my
soekris (eth0, eth1 and eth2) 

The tray icon of the LAN connection also tells problems (the warning sign). 

The ethernet interface of my notebook runs ok, at least while tying this mail in my office. 

Is there something broken on my soekris or is this a configuration issue? What can i do next?

Kind regards, bernd