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 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Problem accesing a remote network on the other side of a VPN
 Date:  Wed, 14 Jun 2006 12:49:39 +0200
Hi all,

Hi have this configuration

    |Host 0|
       |                   Routing Network)
    --------------                                                 |
              |                                                    ||                
          -------           88.Y.Y.75/24 ------- ---------                            
          | MW0 |-----(Internet,VPN)-----| MW1 |---------------|CISCO01|
	    -------88.X.X.178/23           -------    ---------

I have to Monowalls (Mw0 and Mw1) forming 2 IPSEC VPNs on WAN interface. The ISP's routers are in
bridge mode so the public 

static ips are asigned to the WAN interfaces of the monowalls (Ips 88.x.x.178/23 and 88.y.y.75/24)

MW0 has 2 interfaces:
WAN 88.x.x.178/23

MW1 has 3 interfaces:
WAN 88.y.y.75/24

There are 2 vpns working
LOCAL NET/REMOTE NET: Gateways: 88.x.x.178/88.y.y.75
LOCAL NET/REMOTE NET: Gateways: 88.x.x.178/88.y.y.75

On the opt1 interface there is a Cisco router connected wich connects me to another network I want to access to that network from Host0 and from Host1. I have NOT access to this
router and i can ask to 

configure static routes on it. So i have enables advanced outbound NAT and put 3 NAT rules on MW1

Interface: WAN Source:
Interface: OPT1 Source:
Interface: OPT1 Source:

Right Now i can make these pings:
Host0 to Host1 OK
Host0 to Cisco01 ( ok

Ok, my objetive is to get from Host0 to network, so i have to give a route to Mw0 to tell
him that 

reachable via interfaz (VPN??) and that nexhop is MW1.

I have tried this in different ways but i dont get it working.

I have tried:

Interface:WAN Dest Network:  Gw:88.Y.Y.75/24
Interface:WAN Dest Network:  Gw: 
Interface:PPTP Dest Network:  Gw:88.y.y.75/24

I know that the nexthop must be always in the same network of the interface WAN of MW0 but i dont
know how to put this in an 

vpn case

Thnx all for any help