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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Help with layout....
 Date:  Thu, 29 Jun 2006 20:35:48 -0500
Thanks for the help.

Currently, I only have the /24 for my use. Can I still 1:1 NAT or do I need
one additional IP address for the WAN port of the M0n0wall? 

Can I use 67.x.x.2 for the WAN port? I'm already using 67.x.x.1 on the
DSU/CSU. Will using .1 and .2 cause any problems with the 1:1 NAT? Just
curious since the whole /24 won't really be 1:1 NAT. I don't know of any
other IPs to be used outside the firewall.

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On 6/29/06, Scott Karch <scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com> wrote:
> We have a /24 ( 255 IP addresses )
> I want to 1:1 NAT the entire subnet to a 10.0.1.x in case we ever move I
> only need to change thr NAT and DNS, not every server. What is the best
> to 1:1 NAT these? Do I need 255 NAT entries?

Use 1:1 NAT to NAT the public /24 to the private /24 and enable proxy
ARP for the public /24.    BGP is inconsequential to this firewall


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