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 From:  scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com (Scott Karch)
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] Help with layout....
 Date:  Fri, 30 Jun 2006 11:32:09 -0500

Man, that' what I was afraid of. I'll try and get 4 /30s to be safe. You
never know what you might need on the outside of the firewall.

Anyone know of the easiest way to do a ( I think this is the right term )
split horizon DNS without 2 different servers? We already have about 250 DNS
entries and keeping 2 DNS servers synchronized with 
www.fwiz.com for internal users and 67.x.x.144 for external users
is going to be a pain. Sorry this isn't a M0n0wall question, I just haven't
found any answers anywhere else.

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On 6/29/06, Scott Karch <scott dot k at facilitywiz dot com> wrote:
> Currently, I only have the /24 for my use. Can I still 1:1 NAT or do I
> one additional IP address for the WAN port of the M0n0wall?

Ah, you're going to need one for the WAN, and since you're already
using one for the CSU/DSU, you can't do a 1:1 with the whole /24.

I'd suggest seeing if you can get a /30 from your ISP, one IP for the
CSU/DSU and one for m0n0wall's WAN.  That makes everything *much*
easier, and if they're serving you BGP I can't imagine getting an
additional /30 would be an issue.

If getting a /30 is absolutely out of the question, your setup is
going to be a royal pain to setup.  You'll either need 252 (254 usable
minus 2) individual 1:1 entries, or a mix of /25, /26, /27, etc. to
make it work without hitting .1 or .2 in any of those.


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