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 Subject:  SV: [m0n0wall] HELP need HELP I have a Dell PowerEdge 850. It does not start m0n0wall from USB stick
 Date:  Fri, 7 Jul 2006 11:58:48 +0200
a)A.: Here I used physdiskwrite.
B)A.: Yes as I sayd above it booted but halted.. :)
C)A.: Yes

And yes I but in 2 Intel networks cards with 2 lan port pr card.

Paal B.

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Fra: Phil Brutsche [mailto:phil at brutsche dot us] 
Sendt: 7. juli 2006 05:58
Til: paal at tgmsound dot com
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Emne: Re: [m0n0wall] HELP need HELP I have a Dell PowerEdge 850. It does not
start m0n0wall from USB stick

Pål Borsheim wrote:
> Hi all and thanks for all the help I got the last time.
> Now I have another problem.
> I am going to setup a Dell PowerEdge 850 with m0n0wall. The 850 is 
> standard setup exept for 2 detales.
> I have to PCI express Network cards from Intel with 2 port pr. card. 
> So I got 6 network lan port on the damn server. he he he.
> I used the standard-pc.img and wrote that on a 256mb USB mem stick. It 
> booted but hanged. Why I don't know.... :)
> I would realy like to use m0n0wall so that I could recoment it to Dell 
> for use with f. ex. the PowerEdge 850.
> Would be a neat litle firewall or what.......? :)
> Someone know why ???

It should boot on that machine.  Let's cover a few details:

a) *How* did you write the image to the memory stick... did you use dd
(Linux or *BSD) or physdiskwrite (Windows)?

b) Is the machine *capable* of booting off USB media?  Modern Dell desktops
will, but I don't have enough of their current-generation available to me
servers to be able to check.

c) Is the machine configured to boot off USB media?

BTW that machine is too new for the PCI Express integrated ethernet to work
with the FreeBSD 4.11 that m0n0wall is built on.  It sounds like you put a
4-port PCI Express card in it as well, so you may not have
*any* usable ethernet ports.


Phil Brutsche
phil at brutsche dot us