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 From:  "Chuck Mariotti" <cmariotti at xunity dot com>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] How to track what's taking up the bandwidth?
 Date:  Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:47:23 -0400
I know 15GB is a joke... Try this on for size... I've been a customer
with them for over 4 years... I have always used 45-60GB of transfers
per month... always at the same price.

The company I am with (Magma in Canada), purchased another company
(Wiznet) who purchased my original ISP (DSL Canada)...

I run some hosting services out of my basement at home. I pay $150/month
+ $50/month for 32 IP addresses. 5Mbit Down/800K Up...

This month, they decide to change my DSL Package to a new package...
which caps me off at 15GB. Of course, I can upgrade to 100GB cap for
another $100 (so I pay $300/month).

Still crappy service, was down for 8 days last week...

Anyone suggest a cheaper solution in the Toronto area? Sort of off

I'm also looking for a cheap co-location in Toronto.


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WOW!!  I think I would change ISP's if I were in your shoes!  Take a
look at MRTG, Opennms, Cacti, etc.  Those are for the most part Linux
based things, PRTG is available on Windows, but is not free.  If you are
looking to trace traffic, you can use Sniffer Pro (or whateve they call
it now) or Ethereal, which is free, and runs on both windows, and

On 7/14/06, Chuck Mariotti <cmariotti at xunity dot com> wrote:
> So, I received my invoice today from my ISP... apparently, I'm capped 
> at 15GB in/out... and last month I used 57GB, etc... Paying for over 
> usage is costing me more than my connection.
> So, I need to desperately find out where the hell my bandwidth is 
> going...
> How can I easily find out which machines on my network going through 
> my Monowall is using up all the bandwidth?
> I'd prefer Windows apps if possible.
> Regards,
> Chuck
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