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 From:  "Bob Young" <bob at lavamail dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  VoIP Traffic Shaper rule ?
 Date:  Tue, 1 Aug 2006 13:15:51 -0400
My question uses the Monowall Traffic Shaper layout:


| Interface | Protocol | Source | Destination | Target | Description |


On the Monowall web site there is a Screen Shots page.  Under the bulleted
"Traffic Shaper" wording, I clicked on "Rules".


It brought me to a page that gave an example of how to use Traffic Shaper to
prioritize outbound (upload) VoIP.  Here it is:


|  WAN  |  UDP  |  |  *  |  High priority  |  VoIP  |





1.	In the preceding Traffic Shaping rule, I see the IP address of the
telephone adapter is being used, instead of prioritizing on the data packets
5060 and 5061.   Since different VoIP companies could use ports different
then 5060 and 5061 and also some dynamic ports between 20000 - 30000, I
would think it would be best to prioritize on the actual IP address of the
telephone adapter (like the screen shot page shows).   Is that thinking
valid ?

2.	In my LAN network, my VoIP telephone adapter connects into the LAN
interface.  So wouldn't I want to use "LAN" as the Interface, rather then
WAN?  I don't know why WAN is used in the Monowall example, since most VoIP
adapters would probably plug into a LAN interface.

3.	Wouldn't I also want to prioritize download (inbound) VoIP also?  If
so, here is what I think it should be.  I used LAN as the Interface since my
VoIP adapter is plugged into the LAN interface.  Please let me know if it
should be the WAN interface (although the Monowall example used the WAN
interface.I'm not sure why).  If so why.as opposed to LAN?

|  LAN  |  UDP  |  *  |  |  High priority  |  Inbound VoIP  |


      The upload high priority has a weight of 100.  However I saw my
(preset weights) have a weight of 60 for high priority download.  I didn't
see any other download weights higher then 60.  Shouldn't my VoIP high
priority download be 100, just like the high priority upload ?

4.  Should I be using the default Pipes, queues and weights, or should I be
doing my own?


Thanks for your help,


Bob Young