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 From:  Kire <ml at kire dot ch>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Connection problems with PPTP (SAMBA & SSH X11 forwarding)
 Date:  Sun, 30 Jul 2006 22:51:56 +0200
Hi all,

I'm encountering some problems with PPTP-connections:

SAMBA sessions over PPTP hang if for example a text file with more than
a few lines is saved or copied to the share. Ls or a text editor (gedit)
report an I/O error. Usually the share then can not be unmounted. The
problem occurs on the client side with smbfs or gnome (Connect to
Server) and on the server side with samba (Ubuntu) or Windows.

Also a SSH X11 forwarding connection (ssh -X [host]) over PPTP hangs if
xclock is started (and can not be stopped with Ctr-c).

The PPTP server address and remote address range lie not within the LAN.
But the results (SSH X11 forwarding) are the same if they are.

I can find no matching entry in the m0n0wall logs.

The setting: m0n0wall 1.22 with 4 NICs:
  - LAN  (User LAN, Ubuntu)
  - WAN  (Internet)
  - DMZ  (Web server, Windows)
  - WLAN (Wireless clients, Ubuntu)
  - PPTP (for WLAN clients)

What does work:
  - LAN to LAN SAMBA (with the same client/host)
  - LAN to DMZ SAMBA (with the same client)
  - LAN to LAN ssh with X11 forwarding (with the same client/host)
  - WLAN to LAN ssh with X11 forwarding (with the same client/host)
  - ping/telnet (over PPTP, all directions, interfaces etc...)

  - State full connection to the Internet
  - Inbound-NAT to the web server
  - etc.

Any ideas?