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 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Some questions about the setup!
 Date:  Tue, 08 Aug 2006 07:27:19 +0200
Well after tumbling around with this monowall for some time - I' ll 
write here to get the answers!

I working on a school where we bougth a Soekris net4801+Lan 1621!
We have several servers/subnets that should be setup! So here's the deal!
Wan --> we got 16IP to setup for several subnet!
Lan - Servers  (Got 10 servers)
Opt1 - All the klients
Opt2 - Thats another server- subnet!
Opt3 - Thats the VPN

I've tried yesterday to set this up. and have some questions about this!
If I set the LAN up with the machines (servers - mail http a.s.o.) How 
is it possible to set this up so that the klients can access the servers 
- like mail - I found the notice about setting up the intern  DNS.  But 
when you' re webserver i hosting a lot of virtuel sites - how is it 

My guess - You build your own DMZ and have this one on a seperate 
subnet! But is it here possible to access the NAT-services in the DMZ ???

Were students and have each own virtuel site - and uses this according 
to our education. So all the klients (Opt2) should have full access to 
all the NAT services on the LAN!
Hopefully you can understand this - I'm pretty confused myself after 
tumbling around with this for 2weeks now!  So hopefully thanks for an 
well - as you can see - my english isn' t that good and I having really 
problems about reading the manual here foir the answers!

Med Venlig Hilsen
Per Jørgensen
Stud. datamatiker
Datamatiker udd. CEUS
pj4a at dmusyd dot edu