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 From:  "Bob Young" <bob at lavamail dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Download and upload queues ?
 Date:  Sun, 13 Aug 2006 11:04:45 -0400
I'm going to be doing a WISP operation using ADSL around 1.5/576.   And as
most ISPs do and as WISPs do, there is oversubscription, in order to help
make a profit.  So there will be congestion at times, probably on the up and
downloads.   I understand that is where Monowall shines, in that it helps
makes data flow more efficient during times of congestion.



As far as upload is concerned I will be putting VoIP, DNS and ACK right at
the top of the high priority list in that order. (Should FTP, AH, ESP, and
GRE be in high priority also?...maybe not?

 be in this high priority list?).  Would it be ok for me to use the same
queue weight for all three, if I put them in that order?  And I was going to
do "All Other Upload" as Low Priority.  I saw somewhere that the weights for
something like this were High Priority - 10,  and  Low Priority - 1.   So
any P2P will naturally fall into the Low Priority list.


Does it matter that all the upload weights do not add up to 100?  Reason I
ask is I see on the Magic Shaper, that all the upload queues add up to 100.
And all of the download queues add up to 100.  But other places I have seen
the queues have added up to much more then 100 and sometimes less then 100.
But the example I gave above is the upload queues only added up to 11.  So
maybe all queues adding up to 100 isn't all that necessary?


I have read that it's more important to have proper upload queues, as
compared to the download queues probably because it's much easier to
overload the upload BW, since upload BW is much smaller then the download BW
when using ADSL.



I have seen on a couple threads that said not to have any queuing at all on
the download side, since there is much more download BW then upload BW.
However, I would think WISPs should have download queuing since there will
probably be download congestion at times, due the necessary oversubscription
that we do.  And since there will probably be download congestion, I figure
we need to use Monowall download queues to make download data more





As an example, I'm thinking that there could be three queuing weights to use
on the download?  They are:  High Priority - 100  Medium Priority - 50  and
Low Priority - 1.   Could I just as easily have made these queues 50, 25,
and 1 respectively also, since I don't think it is too critical (as long as
VoIP is way at the top)?


VoIP will naturally be on the High Priority list.  Should I have a high
priority for small packet data download?  Should FTP, AH, ESP, and GRE be in
here also?...maybe not?


Regular HTTP port 80 browsing and Outlook emailing- Medium Priority.  Or
should I use some other designation (other then HTTP) for Medium Priority


All Other Download - 1.   All Other Download should catch any P2P.  I assume
that there may be some download associated with P2P.although not as much as
P2P upload?  What port number would Outlook and Outlook Express emailing
use?  Are there any other download queues that I might be missing that you
think I should have here?


I would love to get some ideas of what queues you all think I should use on
the download side.  Maybe you think I'm missing some important download


Thank you all in advance for your help.




Bob Young