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 From:  igor_pc <igor at pcinfo dot com dot mk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Problem with accesing some web sities, pop, smtp
 Date:  Thu, 24 Aug 2006 10:23:16 +0200
Hi there,
After one week googleing around, this list is maybe my last chance to 
solve my problem.
Version- monowall 1.22
LAN - fixed, dhcp enabled

firewall rules: LAN and WAN pass any, any any, any...

When first time used (factoey defaults) i had trouble conecting with 
www.!gmail.com, some blog web sites. Aslo was unable to do any POST 
(like submiting some forms on almost every web). Also i was unable to 
send emails (with Thunderbird), but i can receive.
My first step was swiching browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera) and some email 
clients, but problem was the same with all of them.
My second step was VPN with my office, it works perfect (i also use 
monowall there) and, when I am VPN-end to my office my internet works 
perfect (web, smtp, pop etc.). I tought that maybe my ISP (at home) is 
blocking some trafic, so I started squid proxy on my server (outside my 
networks - dedicated server) and set up all my internet programs to use 
this proxy. It was big progres, some of the web sites worked, i was able 
to send some emails, but without attch. Gmail was still unaccesible (it 
just starts to load but never finishing)
My next step was analysing monowall logs, and i notice that it blocks 
tcp with some webs like gmail, some blogs etc. I finally, turnd off 
monowall, plug PPPoE directly in one of my comp. and everything worked 
perfect (so it is not my ISP blocking anything).
I turned on monowall again (ssh works fine, ftp works fine), problems 
are still here. I cannot login with msn, but i can with gaim (on my msn 
account)! These confused me.
I checked monowall firewall rules, so Checked "Allow fragmented packets" 
both for WAN and LAN, since this was the last option i haven't tried. 
And wow, i was able to login gmail!!, but still with using my proxy. I 
turned off my proxy, and :( nothing works. Then I turned off trafic 
shaper. It looked like there is some improvment, some webpages can be 
accesed, some not.
At the moment, i am still using my proxy (outside my networks) and i can 
use internet normaly. But, i just don't want to use proxy.

So if anyone can help me and tell me waht to do so i can acces all webs, 
msn, blogs, post forms etc. please do!