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 From:  Andrew Kemp <akemp at iquest dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0s hanging : any progress ?
 Date:  Sun, 27 Aug 2006 10:55:01 -0400
Copied down my m0n0 config, installed pfsense to the hard drive via the 
livecd. put all of my rules in, outbound nat, etc, etc, etc. finally 
setup the wan to use pppoe and it connected. my lan could not get out 
though. the m0n0wall could get out, but no other networks could. i also 
couldnt get my trunk port to work in the switch so that all my vlans 
were getting to the switch. i changed something and then i couldnt even 
ping the lan gateway ip anymore so i gave up and put m0n0 back in since 
it still works for the time being.

on a side note, it locked up on me after about 4 hours and was down the 
majority of the night. refreakingdiculous.

i had ZERO trouble until the last few days and i had just happened to 
start using a public subnet vlan that is routed to me. i put up a test 
server in that network when for the last six months there was nothing on 
that network except the gateway in m0n0wall. perhaps the locking up has 
to do with vlan tagging and traffic on those vlans.

i am using another vlan for wireless though, have been for a few weeks 
and didnt have any lockups until i put a server in the public subnet 
vlan, so maybe it is just coincidence.

what version of pfSense did you use Aaron? they are up to release 
candidate 2 on version 1. perhaps the version you used previously was 
bugged somehow and that has thus been fixed so you might give it another 
shot and see what you come up with.


Aaron Cherman wrote:

>> Farking m0n0wall locked up again, less than 12 hours after its last 
>> reboot. I'm going over my settings so that the switch to pfSense is 
>> easier. We'll soon know for sure if it is hardware related as I'm 
>> going to use the EXACT same hardware in pfSense. swap cd's, swap 
>> floppy disks for data storage, done. Will post updates.
> Thanks Andrew.  I would very much like updates on how this goes for you.
> My own experience - I made the change to pfSense and it went well.  I 
> built a config using an identical machine (Lex Systems CV860, I have a 
> few lying around now) and a 1 GB CF card.  Ran the live installer and 
> all was good. I built everything from scratch - I used one of my free 
> public IPs and tested everything (other than some of the inbound NAT 
> stuff that is on a routed subnet from my ISP).  Everything worked 
> well, all of my VLANs were great. During a slow time on my network I 
> took down the live m0n0wall, swapped in the pfSense card and booted 
> up.  Everything ran great.  After about 4 hours it seemed like my 
> VLANs started dropping.  It wasn't like the m0n0wall freeze.  A few 
> VLANs continued to operate with no issues.  I was in no mood to 
> troubleshoot so I quickly dumped the m0n0 CF card back in and things 
> came back online.  I'm not sure what happened but I didn't want to 
> complain as I didn't do any of my own troubleshooting and may have 
> missed a config setting somewhere.
> Aaron
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