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 From:  David W. Hess <dwhess at banishedsouls dot org>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Trouble with VoIP and AC Nielsen's Homescan consumer panel
 Date:  Fri, 15 Sep 2006 11:04:05 -0500
I remember reading the same kb article when investigating how to set my Vonage
bandwidth to the low setting which I was never able to accomplish.  I suspect
the prefix was to manually switch the codec used to the higher bitrate but since
my connection has always been stuck at the highest bitrate I never needed to
adjust it for fax.

I have never needed to open any inbound ports or setup inbound NAT.  I suspect
this depends on the ATA as the one I have which is just a couple months old
apparently maintains an outbound connection at all times.

On Fri, 15 Sep 2006 10:42:16 -0500, you wrote:

> It's been a while since I sent a fax from our Vonage line so my memory
>is murky; however, I could never get our fax to work on our vonage line
>until I stumbled across an obscure kb article from their site that
>suggested dialing a prefix prior to sending a fax.  It was something
>like *77 or *23 (that's the part that's murky).  Their techs insisted
>that it was no longer necessary, but I couldn't get it to work otherwise
>so the term "necessary" seemed to fit the situation.  Anyway, I would
>try that first.  I would also suggest port forwarding / nating all the
>SIP ports to your ATA -- I know that Vonage will tell you it's not
>necessary any more, but my voice quality was awful until I did (see
>above for Vonage's interpretation of necessary).  
>Here is my nat table for vonage:
> WAN  	 UDP  	 5061
>(ext.: edited out) 	5061  	vonage1  	
>[edit rule]
>		WAN 	UDP 	10000 - 20000
>(ext.: edited out) 	10000 - 20000 	vonage2  	
>[edit rule]
>		WAN 	UDP 	123 (NTP)
>(ext.: edited out) 	123 (NTP) 	vonage3  	
>[edit rule]
>		WAN 	UDP 	53 (DNS)
>(ext.: edited out) 	53 (DNS) 	vonage4  	
>[edit rule]
>		WAN 	UDP 	69
>(ext.: edited out) 	69  	vonage5  	
>[edit rule]
>If you need me to do the legwork for that kb article, let me know and
>I'll dig it up this weekend.