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 From:  "Jurgen van Vliet" <jurgenvv at xs4all dot nl>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] About HDD m0n0 version
 Date:  Thu, 21 Sep 2006 10:10:54 +0200
Hi René,


Im sure you have seen http://m0n0.ch/wall/installation_generic.php by now

You indeed need to have a operating system (linux/bsd/windows) running on a
machine where you put in the HD to program.

Besides putting the HD in a working bsd/linux/windows PC there are other
options you might want to  try to make it more easy.


Download a knoppix bootable linux CD on the machine where you want to
install it, put the image on a usb stick.

In knoppix mount the stick to be able to access the image and load it onto
the HD.

This needs only a little linux experience (just enough to mount the usb
stick) and a CD drive in the machine to install




use an cheap USB HD casing to connect the new HD to your normal (windows) PC
and just leave the cover open.

Easy solution, but you need a running PC and a few euro usb HD case. But the
usb case saves you the trouble from opening your normal PC to build in the
new HD just to program it.




Use a PXE server on a normal pc (like the little tftdp windows tool) to boot
from the network into a linux image (RIP linux for instance). You also need
PXELinux for this

A bit hard to install at first, but if you program a lot of HD images its
worth the effort. (and you can scare your friends by booting linux on their
windows PCs using you laptop and network ;)

RIP Linux : http://www.tux.org/pub/people/kent-robotti/looplinux/rip/

PXELinux : http://syslinux.zytor.com/pxe.php

TFTPD : http://tftpd32.jounin.net/

Tutorial :



Good luck,




From: René Gallardo [mailto:rgallardo at desarrollosweb dot com] 
Sent: dinsdag 19 september 2006 21:47
To: 'Jurgen van Vliet'
Subject: RE: [m0n0wall] About HDD m0n0 version




    Thanks for your answer, but I had read that document more than 3 times
before, but it says:


2.1.2. Hard drive Setup
You can install m0n0wall to any hard drive of sufficient size (>=8 MB, so
basically any IDE hard drive ever made). 


Of preference to many m0n0wall PC users for maximum reliability is a Compact
Flash to IDE adapter, and a CF card. 


2.2. Getting and Installing the Software
To download the PC image or CD, point your web browser to
http://www.m0n0.ch/wall/downloads.php and select the WRAP download link from
that page. Download the file to the machine from which you will be writing
to the CompactFlash card. 


2.2.1. Preparing the CompactFlash


    So...  I cannot find the specific way to copy it to a HDD, should I
suppose there is the same procedure? That means I must have an OS in a
computer, attach the target HDD and copy the image? This procedure delete
the information in the holding "physdiskwrite" file HDD?




René Gallardo





De: Jurgen van Vliet [mailto:jurgenvv at xs4all dot nl] 
Enviado el: Martes, 19 de Septiembre de 2006 09:34 a.m.
Para: 'René Gallardo'
Asunto: RE: [m0n0wall] About HDD m0n0 version

Hi René,

Thats the one you want to install on HD indeed
You can also install it on a compact flash by using a ide to CF convertor :)

 <http://doc.m0n0.ch/quickstartpc/> http://doc.m0n0.ch/quickstartpc/  ,
thatís the doc your looking for.

Good luck.


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Subject: [m0n0wall] About HDD m0n0 version


    I'm evaluating some FWs, m0n0 is one of my lastes choices with Coyote
Linux, let me tell you that m0n0 looks nicer than Coyote ;)

    I could not found into the documentacion the way to install the
"generic-pc-1.22.img" file. I guess that version is the one that I should
install if I want to have the version runnning into a HD instead of CD-ROM
and floppy, right?

    Could anyone help me?


René Gallardo
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