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 From:  "Ron Carter" <wcarterjr at earthlink dot net>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Using m0n0 under VMWare as a "real" firewall?
 Date:  Fri, 22 Sep 2006 07:18:44 -0400
I ran m0n0wall from a vitrual disk.  I found it out on some site.  I ran it 
on vitrual PC and virtual server.  I had no trouble getting it configured 
and running.  the trick was picking the correct ethernet adapter.  I ended 
up using a intel dual port ethernet adapter.  It worked like a charm.  I 
have not had any issues

My current m0n0wall server is a c3 giga pro with 2 - 3com ethernet adapters. 
It is working like a charm.  I think the biggest issue is find or having on 
hand a compatible ethernet adapters.
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From: "Francois Boulanger" <francois dot boulanger at gmail dot com>
To: <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2006 1:02 PM
Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Using m0n0 under VMWare as a "real" firewall?

> MSN Messenger did not work, e-mail I did not try (Gmail. nothing more to
> say!)
> I tried using good ol' telnet, that didn't work either. Actually, as far 
> as
> telnet goes, the connection is accepted, but afterwards nothing happens.
> I also tried sniffing the traffic on both adapters using Ethereal; The
> initial connection seems to work (syn-synack-ack) but the connection from
> m0n0 to the requested website gets reset afterwards. I still need to look
> more into that; my TCP/IP skills are, well, far from optimal!
> Also, I noticed that a lot of requests coming from the LAN (including
> requests from the VMWare host itself) were rejected by m0n0. That seemed
> odd, considering I did not setup any rules to block outgoing LAN 
> traffic....
> I'll look into that and post my findings and logs here.
> Both of my NICs are built-in on my board; I'm using a MSI Platinum Neo2
> Board, that has a built-in Nforce NIC and a built-in Gigabit NIC (forgot 
> the
> brand of the chipset).
> I'll try swapping the NICs, who knows, that might do the trick.....
> Thanks!
> On 9/21/06, Jonathan Owens <niralisse at gmail dot com> wrote:
>> I ran a similar setup for a bit while I waited for my Netvista to
>> arrive. It sounds like you've done things well so far, as I don't see
>> any obvious problems with your setup. One thing I encountered when doing
>> this was an onboard NIC that simply didn't work for LAN access. The
>> behavior was somewhat similar: the local machine could get to the LAN
>> port via the bridged NIC, but no other machines would even get IP
>> addresses. You might ensure that both NICs are of high quality before
>> troubleshooting software further.
>> Barring that, I have to say that the web-only failure of your other
>> clients is rather strange, do other services (such as email) work?
>> Typically if you can ping by hostname, you're home free, so try some
>> other services and see what you get.
>> Be patient, the VMWare m0n0wall is probably the most difficult platform
>> to get running.
>> Francois Boulanger wrote:
>> > Hello! My old P133 that ran smoothwall blew up on me, so being a bit
>> > adventurous, I decided it might be fun to run m0n0 under VMWare as the
>> > primary firewall for my home.
>> >
>> > Has anybody ever tried (and succeeded) at doing this?
>> >
>> > A picture being worth a 1000 words, here's how the network is setup :
>> > http://www.ioverflow.net/pics/m0n0_network.jpg
>> >
>> > But something's not right with my configuration. Here's what I know :
>> >
>> > -under VMWare's Network editor, VMNet2 is bridged to my PC's first NIC,
>> > NIC1. (In windows, that nic has no protocols installed on it, except
>> > for the
>> > VMWare bridge). This NIC is directly connected to my ADSL modem.
>> > -under VMWare's Network editor, VMNet0 is bridged to my PC's second 
>> > NIC,
>> > NIC0. (In windows, that nic is configured with all protocols). This
>> > NIC is
>> > connected to a switch wich links all the PCs in the house.
>> >
>> > -my m0n0 virtual machine has Ethernet 1 - LAN assigned to VMnet0
>> > -my m0n0 virtual machine has Ethernet 2 - WAN assigned to VMnet2
>> >
>> > m0n0 is configured correctly as far as i can see:
>> > - it can connect and obtain an IP adress from the ADSL modem
>> > - On the PC that's hosting the Virtual m0n0, I can obtain a DHCP
>> > adress from
>> > m0n0 on GREEN (nic0) interface, and I can surf the web, everything 
>> > works
>> > perfectly.
>> > - I did not setup any specific rules or NATting on m0n0. Outbound 
>> > access
>> > should work for all my lan.
>> >
>> > but here's the problem : On the other workstation in the home,
>> > (workstation
>> > 1) :
>> > - I can obtain a DHCP adress from m0n0
>> > - I can access m0n0's webGUI
>> > - I can ping m0n0
>> > - I can ping m0n0's WAN IP
>> > - I can ping m0n0's WAN gateway
>> > - DNS resolution works fine
>> > - I can even ping external websites using their IP and DNS,
>> > -.... but, for reasons unknown, I cannot access anything on the
>> internet.
>> > Internet surfing, MSN, etc... nothing works. my browser seems to
>> connect,
>> > but waits for a while and says that the connection was reset.
>> >
>> > The behavior is identical in Linux or Windows. I tried replacing the 
>> > hub
>> > with a switch, same problem.
>> >
>> > Now, I don't consider myself a top notch network expert, but i'm no
>> > slouch
>> > either, and I can't figure out what's wrong here. I've got more info if
>> > you're interested in trying to solve this mystery...(Ethereal packet
>> > sniffing on the WAN and the LAN, logs of dropped packets on m0n0 for no
>> > apparent reason, content of /status.php, etc).
>> >
>> > I'm stumped.
>> >
>> > Any ideas?
>> >
>> > Thanks!
>> > Francois
>> >
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