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 From:  Ethan Bonick <ethan at networkinggeeks dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Is it possible to ipsec vpn from mobile winxp to m 0n0?
 Date:  Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:57:00 -0500
Sonicwall does have a client it used to be a customized SN client, but 
now its something called Global VPN Client. Only the SSL VPN doesn't 
have a client and if you need full access I think it still requires the 
full ipsec client. I know both Nokia and Aventail both have full clients 
for their ssl vpn when you need unrestricted access.

Right now I am having trouble with Sonicwall at work with their ipsec 
vpn. All of a sudden half the time it connects but doesn't let you 
access anything on the remote network. Sonicwall is stumped since it 
just started happening after having it configured and working since May. 
It has been like this for about a month and even flashing the unit did 
not make any difference. Their level one support sends you in circles 
until you tell them it needs to be fixed now and then all level two says 
is maybe your flash is corrupted. They also say that orignal flash upon 
install might have been bad. Even though it has been working for months 
and was done by a CDW installer. Sonicwall has a good feature set for 
the price but just hope you don't have an issue.

In my opinion m0n0wall is much easier/cheaper unless Sonicwall offers 
something m0n0wall doesn't that you really need. Sonicwall letting me 
down on the past on a consulting job led me to m0n0wall. The sales rep 
said the new firmware for a TZ170 would be out in the next couple of 
weeks and it would have H.323 support. I went ahead and bought the unit 
since it would be a free upgrade. Two months later they released the 
firmware but it was only available enhanced firmware and it would be 
another ~$200-$300  for it. Also don't buy from them unless the feature 
you need is released.

At work we had been waiting for their ssl vpn appliance to be released 
but they lied about the release date. At first it was a month late and 
then it was that the beta would be out in about another month. Well we 
stopped looking at Sonicwall's appliances and looked for other 
solutions. I don't mean to say that my experience is everybody's, but 
just my experience with Sonicwall both at work and with my consulting 
business. YMMV.


Mark Schoonover wrote:
> Jason Collins wrote:
>> Safenet is not free, but it works extremely well.  It is also much
>> cheaper to buy the netgear branded version from their store or another
>> distributor..  You can buy a 1 or 5 user license from them -- full
>> version, not limited in any way.  It just has the netgear logo on it.
>> I think they are around $40 a seat.
> Wow, I didn't know that. I purchased a couple copies of SN to use. The thing
> I don't like about it is having to configure the remote client, which can be
> 300 miles away. I'm looking at SonicWall to replace M0n0 in that respect.
> SonicWall has no fat client that gets installed on the remote computer, and
> all configuration can be done on the SonicWall box. I'd love to hear the
> experience of others in dealing with remote users, especially users that
> travel with laptops.
> Thanks!
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