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 From:  "Brian Quinn" <bquinner at hotmail dot com>
 To:  waa dash m0n0wall at revpol dot com
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] monowall locking up
 Date:  Mon, 09 Oct 2006 15:08:38 +0000
Thanks for the reply.

All I can say is it ran for almost a year, rock solid. Then in September the 
lockups started. I feel the upgrade to FreeBSD 6.x will fix it. (but what do 
I know)


>From: mtnbkr <waa dash m0n0wall at revpol dot com>
>Reply-To: waa dash m0n0wall at revpol dot com
>To: Brian Quinn <bquinner at hotmail dot com>
>CC: m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
>Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] monowall locking up
>Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2006 09:44:41 -0400
>Brian Quinn wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Just wondering if the lockup problem will be fixed in the next release
> > and is there a timeframe for the next release.
> >
> > My monowall firewall can lockup a day after rebooting but it usually
> > lasts a week. It locks up on PC and wrap platfroms. It locked up with
> > release 1.22, I went back to 1.21 and it locked up too. I am now using
> > 1.23b1 but I reboot it manually twice a day so I dont know if 1.23b1
> > locks up yet.
>Brian, this is not an attack on you or anyone else that has been
>experiencing and reporting these issues. I am sincerely curious about
>this since if there is a common cause or condition and/or a reliable way
>to produce these issues, I can test for the offending condition(s) if I
>suddenly see my clients having similar problems.
>I have been watching this thread for quite some time now and thought I
>would chime in with my experience(s).
>I have installed and support approx (10) m0n0-on-WRAP for myself and my
>clients (one is on a PC), and have never once seen any of them hang for
>any reason. They run for days, weeks, and months at a time without 
>Some notes:
>- All except for (2) are v1.22 (no lockups with previous versions)
>- All except for (2) are on 3-port WRAPs, one is a PC, one is on a
>   2-port WRAP
>- Some only serve as end-points of a site-to-site VPN
>- Some are just simple NAT firewalls for small networks
>- Some are only VPN endpoints for PPTP road-warriors
>- Some are on cable modem connections
>- Some are on DSL
>- Some are on T1
>A somewhat special case is my office m0n0:
>- It is m0n0 v1.22, on a WRAP, connected to a cablemodem and is
>   configured as a VPN endpoint between my office LAN and several
>   of my clients' LANs (m0n0-on-wraps at all of them).
>- It is also configured with 4 VLANS and it's LAN port is connected to a
>   Nortel 450 with VLAN tagging for all 4 VLANS on that port.
>- Its 3rd port is configured as a DMZ
>- DNS Forwarding is enabled
>- Dynamic DNS (using dyndns.org) is enabled
>- DHCP forwarding is enabled for 2 of the 4 VLANs
>I have yet to see this thing (or any of my other installs) hang as
>people are describing and I am assuming that the setup described above
>is somewhat more complex than most are using.
>If there is some reliable method to reproduce these m0n0 hangs I'd be
>happy to try it to help make m0n0wall better, but currently, and for the
>past couple years, I have yet to experience this issue.
>Thanks to everyone for listening, and for any comments.
>Final thought: Has anyone attempted to compare/contrast the COMPACT
>FLASH cards that people are using to determine if that might be an issue?
>Bill Arlofski
>Reverse Polarity
>waa dash m0n0wall at revpol dot com
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