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 From:  walterpc at mchsi dot com (Walter PC)
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] wireless router connected to op1
 Date:  Wed, 29 Nov 2006 05:09:47 +0000
To allow management of the AP/router.. you may want to do the following:
1 - set the LAN IP to something in the same subent as your OPT1 port.
2 - set WAN port to DHCP (client) - it will have a IP unless connected
to something.
3 - turn off DHCP as already mentioned.
4 - connect one of the LAN ports to OPT1 port with cable - already mentioned.

This will allow for local management or remote management (with NAT-forwarding),
if this is what you are wanting.
As long as your clients use the OPT1 IP as their GW, and they should if OPT1's
DHCP is turned on; you shouldn't have to worry about the routing, since nothing
will be directed that way.
The wireless and the 4 switch ports "SHOULD" be bridged together internally.

We have used this configuration at many smaller hotels when they take it upon
themselfs to purchase wireless routers instead of APs to add to their wired
network.  Works pretty well, unless someone hits the RESET and internal DHCP
kicks back on and then you have problems. If this is going to be in a place
where idle hands may find themself near the equipment (or if people at the site
use the words restart and reset interchangibly), you may want to put tape over
the reset button so it doesn't get hit by accident.

> From: "Michael" <zlinda1002 at cox dot net>
> >I have a newb question. I have done much homework but still have anxiety on
> > setting this up as of yet.
> > I have a wireless router that is being used only as an AP. DHCP/Routing 
> > are
> > disabled. I have a xover cable connected into one of the switch port on 
> > the
> > wifi router to the opt1 port.
> Use a normal cable.  M0n0wall runs on a PC, and a PC plugs into a switch 
> with a normal cable.
> > My question is this; What needs to be configured to allow WAN access from
> > wireless clients connecting to this access point? I will be configuring 
> > DHCP
> > on lan and opt1 ports.
> Copy the default rule on the LAN port, and make the destination "not LAN" 
> and it should work.  However, if it doesn't you may need to tell us what 
> wifi router you have.
>                                 Lee 
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