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 From:  David C P Gray <davidg at yowl dot org>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  1.3b2 experiences on WRAP
 Date:  Sun, 24 Dec 2006 18:59:31 +0900

I am running M0n0 on a WRAP board (1E-2). with an ADSL modem in bridging
mode and the PPPoE client running on the m0n0. I  have hosts on 2 LANs
attached to both the LAN and OPT1 interfaces and some relatively simple
rules controlling access between the various interfaces, LAN, WAN and
OPT. I am not using traffic shaping, VPN's or any other 'advanced' features.

I loaded up 1.3b2 to take a look and have some observations to throw
into the mix.

1) Throughput is definitely lower with the new version. I was typically
getting 5-6MB/sec LAN to OPT with mono 1.22, that's dropped to around
4MB/sec with 1.3b2. Thats just about OK to drive an ADSL/cable line but
it's getting marginal for LAN segments. A bit of a worry for the smaller
embedded boards like the WRAPs and Soekris. These throughput figures are
based on ftp/ssh/http type transfers, no P2P in the mix here. Doesn't
seem to make much difference whether the interfaces are set to polling
or not (they currently are).

2) Download performance from the 'Net through the m0n0 is 'lumpy' and
unreliable. FTPing 100MB test files from a server at my ISP sees the
connection going flat out for a bit (transfers anywhere between 11 and
66MB in several tests so far) and then the connection appears to stall.
I don't see this behavior for connections between the LAN interfaces.
There is nothing appearing in the log files (although if there is a way
to get extra status I would be happy to post the output)

3) Timezone setting doesn't seem to be doing anything useful, log
entries etc seem to be in GMT or thereabouts.

4) Downgrading back to 1.22 bricked the WRAP. I had to pull the CF card
and re-write it in a card reader. Personally not too bothered about this
although I learned that the wrap case clearly isn't meant to be taken
apart. :-)

I can provide more config information etc on request. Hope this is
helpful in some small way. Please don't take this as negative feedback
on m0n0 in general, personally I think that its a fantastic product.