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 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Cc:  Ron Carter <wcarterjr at earthlink dot net>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Problems w NIC in the 1.3b2 release
 Date:  Fri, 05 Jan 2007 11:59:18 +0100
Hi again.

Gotta hand it to you Ron, you where absolutely right!! Many thanks!!

Last night at about 2 o'clock I took a plunge at it, bribed my kids to 
stop doing what ever they are doing on World of Warcraft and CS and 
whatever (I don't wanna know)... Equipped with the latest BIOS Rompaq 
(just to be sure), half a dozen of NIC's, a diskette drive, a monitor, a 
small keyboard, some internal cables, lots of coffee and some whiskey...

The first thing I noticed where that I had downloaded the wrong BIOS, my 
router has a 686T5 motherboard. There are several flavours of them 
Compaqs, and of course I've got the wrong one. Booted up the router 
again and surfed out for the right one. And now I found the error! It 
DID NOT have the latest BIOS version, and I also remembered why 
(Alzheimer's light); I replaced the motherboard for nearly two years 
ago, and did not check the BIOS version... Flashed the BIOS to the 
latest 98.08.21 version, and not a single watchdog barking at me!!!

So much for being a stubborn old man, my gut feeling was probably 
ordinary gas... And why don't we have personal automatic syslogs so we 
can go back and read what we have done in the past?

Thanks again Ron!

> Hi Ron,
> Regarding the BIOS version, you do have a point. I assembled the 
> m0n0wall machine in june 2004, the latest BIOS version for the DP EN 
> P600 is released in Sep 2002, and I did flash the latest available 
> BIOS at the time. Having 25+ years of experience as a pro in advanced 
> computer/server support, I've learn at least that... Always the latest 
> BIOS, as far as large discs and Windows O/S concerned anyway...
> I still have a gut feeling about a driver issue...
> But, I do have lots of 3C905's laying around. I do not throw away good 
> 3com-cards, maybe a result of being around in the eighties when NIC's 
> cost a fortune. I try to switch out the one thats not working with the 
> 1.3b2 release.
> Funny thing is that the two NIC's are identical (not the MAC-address 
> of course) they are from the same batch. The 3C905 card has many 
> versions. I think I'll try putting in a different one this time...
> The m0n0wall is by far the best router in its kind, before I decided 
> to use this I've tried a whole bunch of others, Smootwall, 
> Microtic,... you name it. m0n0wall was the best in my opinion. Having 
> three boys, (aaah.. they're bigger than me now, 15-19 yo) downloading 
> and online-playing I wanted to have a router with traffic shaping.
> I'll report back!
> best

> Ron Carter skrev:

>> I just looked at your picture on the web.
>> 2 question:
>> 1.  What bios release are you running on your workstation?
>> 2.  do you have access to any other release of the 3c905 network 
>> adapter or two different adapters
>> The reason I point to the bios is you may just be have a issue where 
>> the bios is out of date and with the release of the new O/S it might 
>> not be fully compatible.  I have been in this field since 1989 and 
>> have seen issue where one release of a O/S works great and another 
>> fails to run on the same type of PC.  We ended up flashing the bios 
>> to the matching level and it worked fine.
>> I do agree with you that the driver might be a issue.  I would try 
>> flashing the bios first.  Then I might test with a different adapter 
>> to see if that resolves the issue.  I have also seen adapters start 
>> having alot of errors when they are starting to fail.  It might just 
>> be one bad card propagating issue on to the second.
>> One thing you could try based on your picture is to make the on-board 
>> adapter the WAN interface and take the existing WAN interface and 
>> disable it.  This is the first steps I would take to trouble shoot 
>> your issue.
>> This is just a stab in the dark with a couple thousand miles 
>> between.  Let me know if this helps.  I still learning about 
>> firewalls myself.  Using M0n0Wall is impowering my small consulting 
>> company to be able to compete and provide more responsive serivces 
>> due to the VPN tunneling that I use.  When completed I may have up to 
>> 10 VPN tunnels running so we can assist different companies.  This 
>> produst give me quite a bit more freedom than some of the other tools 
>> I have used.  I wish I was a programmer and could help with the 
>> development.  That is not my strong point.
>> Best of Luck.  Please let me know if any of these suggestions help 
>> your issue.
>> RC

>> <goran at samuelsson dot pp dot se>
>> To: <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
>> Sent: Wednesday, January 03, 2007 9:35 PM
>> Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Problems w NIC in the 1.3b2 release
>>> I really don't see how your solution is easy adopted to my problem.
>>> - With the 1.23b1 version: All systems go!...
>>> - With the 1.3b2: NIC watchdog problem!
>>> Nothing accept the version of M0n0wall/FreeBSD is changed, all H/W
>>> config the same. I've got a feeling that the problem lays within the
>>> operating system or the NIC-driver. A real help would be if someone
>>> acually knows what causes the log go: "kernel: xl1 watchdog timeout".
>>> best

>>> Ron Carter skrev:
>>>>      To All:
>>>>      I am using a pair of 3C905B-TX NICS.  I pulled the logs.  Here is
>>>> what I have:
>>>>      WAN interface
>>>>      Status up
>>>>      MAC address
>>>>      IP address
>>>>      Subnet mask
>>>>      Gateway
>>>>      Media 100baseTX <full-duplex>
>>>>      In/out packets 471805/453678 (248.37 MB/105.20 MB)
>>>>      In/out errors 0/0
>>>>      Collisions 0
>>>>      LAN interface
>>>>      Status up
>>>>      MAC address
>>>>      IP address
>>>>      Subnet mask
>>>>      Media 100baseTX <full-duplex>
>>>>      In/out packets 1114677/1051494 (189.18 MB/333.25 MB)
>>>>      In/out errors 0/0
>>>>      Collisions 0
>>>> 2 days, 00:15   I have reboot once a month to clear the modem.  I have
>>>> been tweaking my configuration to the limit.  I have it running
>>>> perfectly.
>>>> I am using a c3 giga pro motherboard with 256 mb of ram.  I have a
>>>> total of 4 interfaces.  The 2 3com adapters, the on-board adapter,
>>>> athern wireless adapter.  I am bridging the wireless to the LAN side.
>>>> I would look at the link speed of the port that the 3 Com adapter is
>>>> connected in.  I recently ran into a issue where one of the 3Com
>>>> adapters was negotiating 100 half but reporting 100 full.  I found the
>>>> issue with Ethereal.  I saw error in the trace.  I set the post speed
>>>> of the WAN to 100 full and my DSL modem has to be set to 10 half. This
>>>> was step up with a managed switch with 3 vlans.
>>>> VLAN1 - modem connection
>>>> VLAN2 - LAN Connection
>>>> VLAN3 - OPT1
>>>> OPT2 - bridged to the LAN via the M0n0Wall
>>>> Once done it was great.  It was no issues.  I have simplified my
>>>> network with a Netgear router.  Just for a 4 port switch.  I am only
>>>> using 1 port and everything else is wireless.  I be glad to give
>>>> anyone on the forum anything that I can.
>>>> RC

>>>> <goran at samuelsson dot pp dot se>
>>>> To: <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
>>>> Sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2007 5:21 PM
>>>> Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] Problems w NIC in the 1.3b2 release
>>>>> Exactly what I have on just the WAN, my log is identical on that NIC.

>>>>> Arne Varholm skrev:
>>>>>> I have the same two NIC's and also see a lot of watchdog timeout, in
>>>>>> the log I have just entries from one of them,
>>>>>> but I have I/O errors on both
>>>>>> Uptime: 1 day, 07:30
>>>>>> In/out errors     3/52
>>>>>> In/out errors     337/0
>>>>>> Arne
>>>>>> kernel: xl1: link state changed to UP
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:50:12     kernel: xl1: link state changed to DOWN
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:50:12     kernel: xl1: watchdog timeout
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:12:01     kernel: xl1: link state changed to UP
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:11:59     kernel: xl1: link state changed to DOWN
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:11:59     kernel: xl1: watchdog timeout
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:07:23     kernel: xl1: link state changed to UP
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:07:21     kernel: xl1: link state changed to DOWN
>>>>>> Jan 2 19:07:21     kernel: xl1: watchdog timeout
>>>>>> Jan 2 18:05:58     kernel: xl1: link state changed to UP
>>>>>> Jan 2 18:05:56     kernel: xl1: link state changed to DOWN
>>>>>> Jan 2 18:05:56     kernel: xl1: watchdog timeout
>>>>>> Jan 2 17:49:50     kernel: xl1: link state changed to UP
>>>>>> Jan 2 17:49:48     kernel: xl1: link state changed to DOWN

>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>> just tried to upgrade to 1.3b2 from the 1.23b1 release an cannot 
>>>>>>> get
>>>>>>> it to work properly.
>>>>>>> The problem seams to be with the NIC at the WAN-side. I have a
>>>>>>> generic PC, an Compaq DPENS with two 3com 3C905B-TX NICS. (see
>>>>>>> http://m0n0.ch/wall/gallery/43.jpg)
>>>>>>> When upgrading to 1.3b2 the communication almost stops, if i type
>>>>>>> "www.google.com" in a browser at the LAN it takes several 
>>>>>>> minutes to
>>>>>>> go through. I've also notised that I cannot release the lease of 
>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>> WAN interface and that I get a "xl1 watchdog timeout" on the 
>>>>>>> console.
>>>>>>> (xl1 => WAN i/f)
>>>>>>> Been trying to change irq's on the NIC but nothing helps, when
>>>>>>> downgrading to 1.23b1 all works fine again...
>>>>>>> best