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 From:  "Neutral Man" <neutralman at gmail dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: m0n0wall QOS - p2p vs. games/VoIP
 Date:  Fri, 19 Jan 2007 14:32:03 +0100
I have created custom rule that put port range 1024-65535 to p2p queue
unfortunately, when I use Skype, Skype also get to low priority :(

I think layer7 filter would be good for m0n0wall project, but torrent can
encrypt payload so even layer7 filter has no use in that case :(

we would need one more thing, shaping by amount of transferred bandwidth (if
you have SSL session with 25MB+ then we could get it to low priority, it is
not common that you transfer 25MB+ with your e-bank service :))

we need at least two traffic shaping methods combined together to achieve
what you need/want!

On 1/19/07, Neutral Man <neutralman at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am writing you because I can't make what I want out of m0n0wall
> Traffic Shaper is the most interesting feature in m0n0wall - for me
> I am running m0n0wall on AMD 800, 256MB DDR, 2X 3C905b NIC and 32mb CF
> card
> it works great, connected to DSL connection (2048/256k)
> I did bandwidth test on few different websites, dslreports, speedtest...
> I get about 1750/216k - real speed (out of 2048/256k)
> so I have used m0n0wall Magic Shaper wizard, entering there values
> (1750/216)
> pipes at last have about 1520/192k - so there is no problem my upload
> would be congested
> I put p2p to lowest priority, share bandwidth equally on LAN
> I have added rule (on top of all) that all <- traffic: from source port
> 28960 to destination port 28960 is highest priority upload #1
> also, I have added rule that all -> traffic: from port 28960 source to
> destination 28960 is highest priority download
> I have selected all protocols (not just TCP or UDP)
> Call of duty game use port 28960, both for client and server (I have
> double checked firewall states)
> the problem is, when my friend try to play Call Of Duty, while I am
> running torrent, he get very bad ping (about 500ms)
> if I disable traffic shaper, he have almost the same ping as well ! !
> I have tried NOT to share bandwidth equally on LAN, but nothing has
> changed.
> is there any way to reserve certain amount of bandwidth for some queue?
> if I put new pipe with 64kbps upload, than p2p is under control, but when
> Call Of Duty is not running, I can't use rest of bandwidth.
> Please advise, your help is appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> NM