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 From:  "Eric M. Guzman" <eric at np3a dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  WAN Gateway Missing, can't ping beyond m0n0wall
 Date:  Sun, 21 Jan 2007 21:56:29 -0400

I just installed m0n0wall for the first time. Im having some 
troubles...I gave up.

I can't ping beyond m0n0wall. I have followed handbooks troubleshooting 
flowchart on section 19.5. I can ping LAN IP and WAN IP. However I have 
been unable to ping the WAN gateway. Section 19.5.4 reads:

     "19.5.4. Ping m0n0wall's WAN's gateway IP
    On the Status -> Interfaces page, make note of m0n0wall's WAN
    default gateway IP. Try to ping it from your client machine."

However, there is not WAN Default Gateway field (row) on the WAN 
interface status page. I do get IP, mask and DNSes from ISP In an 
archived message, sai <sonicsai at gmail dot com>, wrote:

     "<...>if you take a look  at http://m0n0ip/status_interfaces.php
    you should
    find out if you have an ip address from your isp. If you have no IP
    address then reboot your modem and then your firewall.
    This pge will also give you the WAN gateway ip.
    Try to ping the gateway from the m0n0 webgui<..>

Again, Im not getting the WAN Gateway field on the status page. I 
rebooted modem and m0n0 several times with no luck.

The following is the WAN DHCP client for my current router (freesco) on 
same hardware:

    CLASSID='Linux 2.0.39 i?86'

This is the log from m0n0wall:

    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: DHCPDISCOVER on fxp0 to
    port 67 interval 6
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: DHCPOFFER from
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on fxp0 to
    port 67
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: DHCPACK from
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New Network Number:
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New Broadcast Address:
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New IP Address (fxp0):
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New Subnet Mask (fxp0):
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New Broadcast Address (fxp0):
    Jan 21 16:46:07 dhclient: New Routers:
    Jan 21 16:46:09 dhclient: bound to -- renewal in 40053
    Jan 21 16:46:32 dnsmasq[90]: reading /etc/resolv.conf
    Jan 21 16:46:32 dnsmasq[90]: using nameserver
    Jan 21 16:46:32 dnsmasq[90]: using nameserver

 From what I understand, the ISP is giving the gateway ("dhclient: New 
Routers:") but  for some reason m0n0 is not  using it. I do 
notice, m0n0 is receiving response from a different DHCP 
server...doesn't make sense. I gave up, booted with the former router 
software and I'm up again. :-S

Any ideas? Tips?


PD: The following is a descriotion of the equipment,

Hardware (I think not related to but here goes anyways):
   Intel D845HV Mobo
  1 x Integrated Intel Pro 10/100  (fxp0) WAN
  2 x  DFE-530tx+ (rl0 & rl1) LAN & Opt1 LAN
  Op1 LAN is disabled (on purpose for troubleshooting) via GUI

   m0n0wall 1.22 standard PC
   running on CD/Floppy combination

WAN Connection
   Cable Modem DHCP