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 From:  "Eric M. Guzman" <Eric at np3a dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] WAN Gateway Missing, can't ping beyond m0n0wall
 Date:  Tue, 23 Jan 2007 09:30:04 -0600
Thanks for reply sai.

I tried rebooting the modem several times without success?

However, after rebooting modem and mono for several times (could be  
hundred times :-) ), configuring mono from clean floppy, downloading  
and installing V 1.11 with same results, finally I found a work  
around. Bad news is that I don?t have a clear root cause of the  
problem. Here is a brief summary of what I did?

I got the idea to try WAN on another NIC. My former router was using  
the embedded Intel Pro NIC (fxp0 in mono) and since I know different  
NIC (i.e. MAC) may be an issue with ISP or cable Modem, I wanted to  
use the same Intel NIC for mono WAN port. But, at my nth try  
clean-installing mono, I noticed the order presented at the console was

LAN sis0
WAN sis1

Then at the interface assignment the order was:

Fxp0 xx:xx:xx (Intel embedded)
Rl0 xx:xx:xx (PCI Dlink 530)
Rl1 xx:xx:xx (PCI Dlink 530)

On my previous trials, I was assigning fxp0 for WAN, rl0 for LAN and  
rl1 for opt1. Hmmmmm?.then I tried fxp0 for LAN, rl0 for WAN and rl1  
for opt1. VOILA!!!

Now I get a WAN gateway on status page and I can ping beyond mono. To  
confirm the problem was something related to the Embedded NIC (or its  
configuration for WAN), I did another clean install and configured the  
fxp0 as WAN, rl0 as LAN and rl1 as opt1. Once again, there was no WAN  
gateway and I cant pass beyond mono. Finally went back to the work  
around configuration (rl0 as WAN) and mono is working properly now.

As I wrote before, I don?t have a clear root cause of the problem :-S  
:-(. Based on log messages?..when using the fxp0 as WAN, there was a  
valid DHCP pack received from ISP (ip, WAN gateway mask, dns etc) but  
for some reason mono was not using the gateway provided. When using  
rl0 as WAN, a similar DHCP (but different ip) package was received and  
mono was using the provided gateway.

Clueless....Any ideas?



Quoting sai <sonicsai at gmail dot com>:

> Try rebooting the cable modem. I have to leave mine off for about a
> minute when the dhcp acts up.