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 From:  "Adam Nellemann" <adam at nellemann dot nu>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] m0n0Wall vendor
 Date:  Mon, 2 Feb 2004 00:15:01 +0100

Sorry to break in like this :)

Just wanted to comment on this remark:

> licensed the software from him and paid something for it.  Still hard
> compete with consumer grade firewalls (linksys, dlink etc)

I used to use a D-Link firewall (a DI-714P+ "wireless broadband router"
to be precise), and trust me, with m0n0wall it is quite easy to compete
with this (and a lot of similar products from other vendors, if the
grapevine is to be trusted).

My experience with this specific "consumer grade firewall":

- Got it home, set it up, Worked badly.

- Crashed a couple of times each day, no watchdog = must reset manually,
sometimes reloading factory defaults (very annoying as I'm running a
WiFi only network, making it hard to get things back to normal).

- Seemed unable to handle a reasonable number of connections through my
1Mbit ADSL, probably due to a inferior CPU.

- Tried upgrading firmware, hardware broke (apparantly due to upgrading
over WiFi?!? Which, they told me after the fact, was a warranty-breaking
thing to do, even if it wasn't stated in the manual, nor in the upgrade
software. Luckily the nice local support dude agreed with me that this
was totally wrong, and changed my story so I could get it repaired

- Waited more than 14 days to get it back (well, actually it seemed to
be a replacement, as the ROM firmware was a newer version and the MACs
had changed).

- Worked even worse with the new firmware, now it crashed at least once
every hour.

- Talked a lot back and forth with D-Link support, could do nothing
about it except offering to take it back once more (for another 14 days
I assume, which would probably not have helped).

- Looked at a few router/firewall forums, found out that the above story
was by no means unique, and not even limited to D-Link products (people
had similar or other problems with NetGear and Linksys products,
possibly others as well).

- Installed m0n0wall on an old stripped down PC, using an IDE <->
CompactFlash converter instead of a noisy harddisk, two NIC's and a WiFi

- Never had a problem since (well, nothing like the above anyway). Still
smiling every time I log on to the webGUI, which is about 5000% better
looking than D-Links ditto (which didn't even load correctly most of the
time). Also, I now have complete control over my firewall and loads of
options that wasn't in the D-Link. Usage isn't even much harder
(although I'm not exactly a "Word user", but with a reasonable generic
setup, even such persons should be able to get by).

- Only bad thing about this story: I payed more for the D-Link than I
would have if I had gone out and purchased a Soekris or similar to run
m0n0wall on, and thats even including the WiFi card, a case and a print
server (which was built into the D-Link) etc. :((

So, IMHO, it should be a piece of cake competing with such products, at
least until the large companies get their s**t together and start making
stuff that works!