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 From:  "Ben Carlisle" <bcarlisle at 24oz dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Valid Interface List is Empty on Setup
 Date:  Mon, 2 Feb 2004 16:42:46 -0600
   Spent some time scouring the archive with no results.

   I am trying to setup m0n0wall on an old piece of hardware, a PI/166. I have two ISA NICs in the
box, both of which are NE2k-compats (they're even the same model). I have FreeBSD 4.8 installed on
the box, and when I boot my normal kernel, I can detect them both (although I did have to recompile
the GENERIC kernel to add device ed1).

   However, when I boot m0n0wall (from CD), everything boots fine and I get the console menu. I
select option 1, expecting to assign my NICs, and the list of 'Valid interfaces' is empty! I tried
entering ed0 and ed1 but neither worked. (Invalid interface name). Scrolling up in the dmesg, I get
a message that says "Initializing PC cards ... failed. (probably no PC card controller present)"
Might this have something to do with it?

   Now, I'm very new to both FreeBSD and m0n0wall. I'm hoping it is a drastic oversight on my part.
But I cannot find any references to this stuff in existing documentation. Does anyone have any idea
what is going on here, or have some things I can try? Again, I'm a newbie to this stuff so I would
greatly appreciate any assistance.