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 From:  Falcor <falcor at netassassin dot com>
 To:  Nick <sui underscore twc at adelaide dot on dot net>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] trouble hosting battlestations midway demo
 Date:  Sun, 04 Feb 2007 10:00:51 -0800
You mentioned you use advanced outbound NAT.  Do you have a similar 
inbound NAT setup?  E.g. if you go out on one IP and in on another the 
headers won't match and the game won't realize the traffic is from the 
same source / destination. 

Also, MS does use a UPnP-like protocol... but as with all things MS, it 
is not proper RFC.

Nick wrote:

>Hi all
>I'm having trouble hosting a win32 multiplayer demo of a game called Battlestations: Midway
(http://www.battlestations.net/). This is specfically the PC version that was released recently. I
do not/have not played this on a console.
>To start with:
>- m0n0wall 1.22
>- nothing special in configuration. i.e. I've reset it so its a freshly configured m0n0wall for
this troubleshooting.
>- PPPoE on WAN.
>Put simply, forwarding the required ports for hosting the game seems to work from m0n0wall's
perspective, and I have no trouble with other applications which require NAT traversal. However, the
game refuses to load successfully for people to join.
>At first I thought it was because I have advanced outbound NAT enabled and I use traffic shaping. I
ruled this out shortly after backing up my configuration, and reseting to defaults (i.e. both those
features disabled). Still, after doing so creating the necessary NAT + firewall rules doesnt seem to
let the game host players.
>To troubleshoot further, I removed m0n0wall from the picture and connected my computer directly to
my bridged ethernet modem, and setup a PPPoE connection there. Success, I can host the game this
method (ie. no NAT etc) so it's not exactly a dead-stop software problem that the game can't host at
>My next step was utilising a 4 port router from Billion electric. co. This is just your garden
variety router, 4-port ethernet, NAT, UPnP, and a packet filter/SPI which is disabled by default. (I
believe I can use packet filter/SPI interchangably here?). 
>I had two lots of success hosting behind this Billion router. First was with UPnP enabled. The
multplayer demo mentioned does have UPnP support I believe, which makes sense as it was ported from
Xbox 360 where UPnP is native I believe. With UPnP enabled, I needed to manually forward one port
only, UDP 6500. (the game mentioned it needs inbound UDP 6500, 1042, 2302  open) 
>The second success utilising this router, I disabled UPnP. I just wanted to try this with NAT only.
Forwarding the required ports (UDP 6500 and UDP 2302) resulted in no problems. The game hosts fine
and there are no issues whatsoever.
>Switching back to m0n0wall, with the same ports forwarded, I cannot host the game. I then tried
another test to diagnose the issue; to enable the "Log packets blocked by the default rule". Hence
if there were any incoming ports that I did not open, it should come up on the log. But nothing
showed up.
>I'm at a loss to explain it. My only theory is going on the difference between m0n0wall and this
Billion router. One has stateful packet filtering, the other one doesn't (at least, it was disabled
and I left it that way). Ultimately following this theory I think the game is at fault, but I'm not
sure how to test this out. I dont suppose anyone would want to download a 500mb demo for windows,
and have a play?!
>NB: joining servers is no problem. It's just hosting servers behind m0n0wall which seems to give
some grief.
>Thanks for your time reading.