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 From:  "Alex M" <radiussupport at lrcommunications dot net>
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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall] wrap processor has been discontinued
 Date:  Sun, 4 Feb 2007 15:38:54 -0500
As I know Dornier did the design of fully based on AMD GeodeT SC1100 and
mainly all the functions use its structure. But the WRAP is still IBM PC so
using similar GeodeT series should not be a big deal from manufacturing

Never the less I don't see any info about the fact that SC1100 is off the
belt. I know 2200 and 2300 are terminated in 2006 but never heard anything
about 1100

Still even if 1100 got killed we have higher level CPUs such as LX, NX and
GX models (although they can get us 1.4GHz they not really have that much IO
by default)but one way or another I don't think wrap will go away from the
That's my 50c!

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From: Chris Buechler [mailto:cbuechler at gmail dot com] 
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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall] wrap processor has been discontinued

On 2/4/07, kevin hawkins <firewallhelp at gmail dot com> wrote:
> What are the best alts.for the wrap board. The amd processor that they use
> has been discontenued.

err, it's not like you can't still buy WRAP's. I just bought 3 last
week. If the processor has indeed been discontinued I'm sure they'll
continue manufacturing them with an alternative.

The last 3 I bought did have a visibly different looking processor on
them, though it was still the same proc. I assumed it was probably
because of RoHS directive in the EU, I know the procs used to have
lead in them.

Jim Thompson at Netgate hangs around here and is who I buy my WRAP's
from, he probably knows more.  If he's watching this thread, maybe
he'll comment.


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