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 From:  Jukka Ruotsalainen <jukka dot ruotsalainen at cs dot helsinki dot fi>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Problem with captive portal redirect
 Date:  Sun, 04 Feb 2007 23:13:22 +0200
I'm running m0n0wall 1.22 version (now 1.23b) and I have a strange issue 
with captive portal... (not sure if 1.23b also has)

We have about 50 users and 8/1 ADSL line traffic shaped with m0n0wall 
and it works like a charm, even we have some continuous p2p traffic. web 
surfing works fine.

Everything works great BUT if our bridged ADSL uplink goes down, 
Internet is not accessible... (ok, this is trivial) BUT when the link 
comes back up, some of the users are not able to surf... They can't even 
reach the captive portal... But some of the people are able to surf...

Somehow, m0n0wall blocks some of the people after WAN linkdown. After 
link has come up, some of the people are able to surf (access to WAN), 
some are not.

These people who are not able to surf can access ping m0n0wall, but dns 
or anything else to outer world does not work. If I reboot m0n0wall, 
computer starts to work immediately.

I can solve this issue by rebooting m0n0wall and get people register 
captive portal again..

I have also runned m0n0wall without captive portal with no issues..

Any ideas?

I readed previous post and I think that the captive portal SHOULD work 
if there is some problem with the WAN (internet link), it is very handy 
to use captive portal to inform people....

We have Internet link problems, operator has been informed and it should 
be fixed quickly... I can't do this now, if we have wan link down... 
Anything can do?

Best regards, Jukka