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 From:  Josh Coombs <twig at gwi dot net>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Soekris 4801 + m0n0wall + HP 6108 == errors?
 Date:  Wed, 7 Feb 2007 09:54:25 -0500
I just swapped in a Soekris 4801-60 running 1.23b3 for a PC with a  
known wonky nic.  The dual port nic in the PC is DEC Tulip based, and  
doesn't quite behave properly.  You HAVE to specify the media, 10 or  
100 for it to get link, it won't autoneg on it's own.  Once you've  
done that, it ignores duplex settings, always running at half duplex  
even though it reports back that it's running full duplex.  We've got  
two of these duds in house, they do the same trick under every OS  
I've tried, including Windows with the mfg's drivers.

So in any case, I swapped machines as 100/half was causing problems  
at moderate load thanks to collisions.  The Soekris I pressed into  
service appears to honor both media and duplex settings... but  
instead it's racking up CRC errors on the switch end even at low data  
rates.  I've traded one problem for another it seems.

This just doesn't seem right to me though, as I know these are fairly  
popular units, I don't see lots of people flaming them for similar  
problems, so I assume there is a workaround or known combination of  
environment and settings that ticks them off?

I've made an inquiry about this on the Soekris-tech list as well, but  
it seems rather slow.  I was hoping that enough people here in the  
m0n0 group used them that it might ring a bell with someone here.

Joshua Coombs