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 From:  "Andrew Batson" <abatson at twcny dot rr dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Problem with M0n0Wall and Hamachi
 Date:  Sun, 18 Feb 2007 15:40:12 -0500

	I am having a problem with MonoWall and Hamachi. When I tried to
host/join certain games, M0n0Wall blocks the attempt. I found the problem by
setting M0n0Wall to display the firewall logs in raw form. After reading on
M0n0Wall web site, I found the following.

19.6.1. Reading raw IPFilter logs

	If all else fails and you need to determine exactly which rule is
dropping the traffic, go to status.php on your M0n0Wall to the "last 50
filter log entries" section. Find the log line applying to the traffic in
question, and make note of the rule number. The rule number is denoted by an
@ followed by a number, then a colon, then another number, for example
@0:18. The 0 indicates the first group, and the 18 indicates rule number 18
in group 0.

	Then go up to the output of "ipfstat -nio" and find the rule in
question. Anything without a group number at the end of the rule is the 0
group. @1:1 would indicate the first rule with "group 100" at the end of the
rule. @2:1 would be the first rule with "group 200" at the end of the rule,
and so on. Finding the exact rule, since some rules are added by the back
end of M0n0Wall and not visible on the rules page, may make troubleshooting

	When I look at the raw fire wall logs, I see the following every
time I tried to host a game (lan via Hamachi) of Age of Empires III (it
appears that Hamachi is blocking a broadcast that Age of Empires needs to
allow you to host/join games). Please note that the xxx.yyyy.zzzz.aaaa is
the IP address of the Hamachi client and I can play other games just fine
via Hamachi, just certain ones are failing - all the same way, the block

		15:09:46.977823 3x em0 @0:12 b xxx.yyyy.zzzz.aaaa,1409 ->,2299 PR udp len 20 49 IN

	When I do a status.php request and goto the "ipfstat -nio" section,
I see the following:

		"@12 block in log quick on em0 from ! to any"

	Question, how do I edit a rule I cannot see or find any where in the
web GUI of M0n0Wall. I would like to be able to host/join games with my
friends via Hamachi but right now it appears that there are certain rule
that are hard coded into M0n0Wall that I cannot edit/change?

Thanks for your help,