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 From:  krt <kkrrtt at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  [m0n0wall] opinion of m0n0wall mailing list sales activity
 Date:  Wed, 21 Feb 2007 18:59:43 -0800
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I like the idea of commercial usage funding the mailing list/m0n0wall, 
inclusive of sponsored m0n0.ch links and mailing list posts.  I think 
there should be some form of governance, such as 1 post per 4 days from 
any sponsor but a maximum of some odd number in a month, etc. The 
numbers used are for display purposes.

Similar restrictions could be imposed for hobbyists that have hardware 
for sale.  The hobbyist class of message should not have to pay.

For the purposes of filtering/sorting, the postings could be modified 
with a new header such as: [m0n0wall] [commercials].  The hobbyist and 
business traffic should be mixed, which gives a little extra value to 
the business traffic's ads.

I've pondered the eBay response that I gave in the primordial stage of 
this thread.  My response to that is that I believe a third party 
transaction system, like an auction house, could be beneficial for the 
security minded crowd's sales.  Private auctions can be held, but there 
really shouldn't be any restrictions imposed by the mailing list on the 
method of sale.

I certainly have enjoyed funding my hobby with my hobby and I'm no 
stranger to sales of Computing equipment.  It's possible that I will be 
establishing a consulting company in the near future, but it's also 
possible that I'll go a different direction.  As it would involve 
consulting, I am staking a claim in the interest of commercials on this 
mailing list.

Lee Sharp wrote:
> Ron Carter wrote:
>> I have two of these type of systems with 2 - 800 and 2 - 733 
>> processors.  I have 768 meg of ram in both servers.  They run great.  
>> They are very loud and run hot with out enough cooling.   If we added 
>> a seperate area for this type of sales area, I think it would be 
>> great.  Finding hardware for monowall for me has been a challenge.  I 
>> don't know enough all the supported hard yet.
> Lots of us talk about hardware that works, and quite often.  Several of 
> us also sell m0n0wall as a business.  When people ask, I mention how I 
> sell m0n0wall as a service.  I also provide a few links to hardware I 
> know works well, and meets the requirements listed.  If you are having 
> trouble, ask the list.  If you need more help, consider asking some of 
> the people who answer if they can sell you a package with support.  I am 
> not the only one in the m0n0wall business on this list. :)
> I also think it is important to separate people selling old stock, and 
> businesses selling inventory.  Commercial sellers should pay to advertise.
>             Lee
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