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 From:  "Bussell, Ken" <KBussell at eprod dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  1.3b2 wireless not automatically associating with hidden SSID
 Date:  Wed, 28 Feb 2007 17:15:23 -0600
I've spent two days searching for an answer and haven't found anything
so I'm trying this.
Here is my scenerio. WRAP board with an Atheros card. I've tried several
configurations to link to an access point (Linksys) both when the SSID
is broadcast and when it isn't. Everything works fine. The channel and
the SSID are hard set in the configuration.
When trying to connect to the Cisco Access point I really need to
connect to that has a hidden SSID, I get the status of "no carrier". If
I turn the broadcast of the SSID on, it will connect up right away. When
I turn off the broadcast, the unit stays connected until I re-boot.
During this I make no changes to the configuration.
When I look at the status page under wireless this is where the
differences begin.
The SSID for the Cisco shows up as 0x00000 when it is not broadcast, but
shows up as (hidden) from the Linksys. When it is broadcast from the
cisco it shows up fine.
Now the system will never link up to the Cisco AP when the SSID is not
broadcast by itself. HOWEVER, if I go to the exec.php and type in
"ifconfig ath0 scan" It links up almost immediately with the Cisco and a
log message is generated inside monowall that says the ath0 interface is
Anyone have any suggestions?