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 Subject:  RE: [m0n0wall-dev] Add support for hardware button on WRAP
 Date:  Mon, 5 Mar 2007 19:02:25 -0500
The WP54 board was mentioned here (the one that starOS uses) So, I thought
about my proposal about M0n0-AP as an Open Source alternative to StarOS or
Ikarus. So I did some calculations and figured that it could be possible
financially. Here is what I found the total cost of AP based on WRAP2E would
be around 130 for board, 20 for CF, 20 for POE, 50 for Radio. Total = 220
(not including enclosure) That # is looks expansive to me. If I go to StarOS
I can get the board for 75 + PoE 20 + Radio 50 = 145 Total without

So I spoke with manufacturer of WP54 and they told me they would be willing
to work with our developers to make Mono or pfSense to run on their board.
(Their native firmware is Linux-2.4.27 uc for ARM Linux-2.4.28 for MIPs) The
quote they gave me would be profitable enough for hardware resellers too. I
would say the margin will be the same as WRAP but the sales quantities would
be higher since more people would be willing play around with cheap

So, what does community thinks?  I know customizing mono fot those board
would be lots of work and it will be more likely a bit separate project,
that's why I what to do it primary as AP that could talk to m0n0 and do
centralized sort of management. Kinda supplement to mono.

So if you still reading:

1) As user do you want cheaper hardware and mono as Access Point supplement
2) As Developer do you wanna do it (I think we can make financial rewards)
3) As Reseller or Distributor do you think we need it and are you willing to
buy quantity to make the hardware price cheaper?

Give me your opinions. If all goes well I will take headache organizing
everything so every one would be happy. 

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Subject: Re: [m0n0wall-dev] Add support for hardware button on WRAP

Daniele Guazzoni wrote:
> PC Engines is already working on a replacement
> Soekris seems to be either not aware of it or at least there is no
announcement on the website.


Like PC Engines they will be using the Geode LX.


Phil Brutsche
phil at brutsche dot us

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