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 From:  Lonnie Abelbeck <lists at lonnie dot abelbeck dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Prioritizing VOIP with Traffic Shaper
 Date:  Sun, 25 Mar 2007 08:02:46 -0500
On Mar 25, 2007, at 2:48 AM, Brian McEntire wrote:

> Hi -
> Searched the list archives and read some on this topic but have  
> more questions.
> I have a m0n0wall setup with two VOIP adapters on a DMZ (OPT1). Other
> things on the DMZ are laptops via a wireless access point (connected
> to m0n0 via the wireless access point's built in wired hub.)
> VOIP has worked great for me except when uploading large files. I've
> also seen websurfing crawl to a halt when uploading large files.
> Problems with slow page loads and even resolving DNS names.
> I have a cable connection with 5500 kpbs down and 350 kpbs up  
> (measured).


I run asterisk, and have good results with the following...

1) Create an alias for the IP address of your voip box: (  
as an example)

2) Run the "Magic shaper wizard" with your observed bandwidth numbers  
(shaper disabled).

3) Create two new "Pipes": ("NNN" described below)
Pipe #3, "NNN" Kbit/s, Description "voip upload"
Pipe #4, "NNN" Kbit/s, Description "voip download"

4) Edit Pipes #1 and #2 (created by the magic wizard) and reduce each  
their bandwidth's by about "NNN".

5) Create two new "Rules" (Shaper Rules):
WAN (out), Proto UDP, Src "voip", Dest "*", Target "Pipe 3 (voip  
WAN (in), Proto UDP, Src "*", Dest "voip", Target "Pipe 4 (voip  

6) Enable Traffic Shaper and "Save"

Traffic Shaper Tips:

1) All rules should be relative to the WAN, either in or out.

2) Use traffic type and/or IP addresses (aliases) to define shaper  

Finally, use the the above as a guideline, some testing and tweaking  
may be required.

The value of "NNN" depends on the maximum number of a active calls  
and the CODEC you are using.  Assuming G.711 uncompressed codecs...

1 calls - "NNN" = 120 Kbps
2 calls - "NNN" = 220 Kbps

If this makes your Pipe #1 (m_Total Upload) too small after  
subtracting NNN from the magic wizard value, you can fudge the Pipe  
#1 value up a little.