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 From:  A dot L dot M dot Buxey at lboro dot ac dot uk
 To:  Chris Buechler <cbuechler at gmail dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] "Installing" mono
 Date:  Tue, 20 Mar 2007 21:49:09 +0000
> On 3/20/07, Timothy Taylor <timt at balli dot co dot uk> wrote:
> >I've played with TrixBox under vmware server on my Duo 2.16 laptop and
> >it was a bit stuttery with voice messages. This was mentioned elsewhere
> >on the web. I never had time to fix it, since I was just playing. You
> >may find a more powerful processor or faster disks beneficial.
> >
> My guess would be a timing issue. There's no way it was lack of
> resources, but timing in VM's can be a huge problem. Even using the
> appropriate vendor tools in the VM (VMware tools in this case), on
> some systems timekeeping in VM's will be so messed up that certain
> applications won't work right.

network interface needs serious tweaking for VM - eg turn off tso,
increase tx and rx buffers, you also need to assign huge sizes of /dev/shm 
etc under linux. its not 'quick play' to get full performance under
VM on linux