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 From:  "Jeremy Flaugh" <Jeremy at flaughs2000 dot com>
 To:  "'Lee Sharp'" <leesharp at hal dash pc dot org>
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 Subject:  RE: Off Topic : FOSS security DVR system needed
 Date:  Fri, 30 Mar 2007 23:35:25 -0400
I have been using and selling a windows XP based DVR's I use a digi-flower
16 channel PCI card I run it on Intel Hardware only no VIA junk.
It is rock solid I have been thru a pile of other cards and this seams to be
the one I can get 60+ days of uptime before I am forced to restart because
of automatic updates.
I get the cards from surveillance factory here is a link.
The newest software 6.10 let you connect and record IP cameras I have not
used or tested it so that's you game.

I had on card come in DOA but I think it got damaged during shipping and
they replaced without any issues.

Good Luck 

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Subject: Off Topic : FOSS security DVR system needed

Once again I am shamelessly imposing on the awesome depth and breadth of 
knowledge on this list, and it is only tenuously related to m0n0wall.

Right now, we sell a service that can include a multi camera security 
DVR system.  The user can connect to this camera from there home (or 
vacation) Internet connection and see what is happening at the office. 
Having m0n0wall helps, as the traffic shaper makes a big difference 
here. :) (There is the connection)  Right now we are using Geovision, 
and LuxRiot, and Windows is killing me!  Stability is a nightmare, and 
telling people to constantly reboot the security system is not an option 
I want to consider.  I would love to find a good stable Linux (or any 
*nix) system I could remotely manage.  Please help me!  (Oh, and cost is 
a consideration, but not the main one) Thanks,