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 From:  John Smith <jvin248 at gmail dot com>
 To:  Rendra Basuki <rbasuki at gdincorporation dot com>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [Fwd: Re: [m0n0wall] Please help newbie] - monowall is up, now what?
 Date:  Wed, 04 Jul 2007 00:02:51 -0400

1. When you switched LAN/WAN (cables and monowall settings only, not 
swapping cards physically on the motherboard) you could access the 
Monowall Gui with the PC on what was previously the WAN? If so then 
hardware and cables should be ok.
2. This should be correct as you state.  Another test though, if you 
connect the pc to the DSL modem (using the same cable you were using to 
the monowall WAN from the DSL modem) does the pc get an IP address via 
the modem's DHCP server? On the Monowall WAN setting screen where you 
have DHCP selected, also uncheck the "block private networks" (as 
suggested in the email thread) - if you are actually using for 
testing then this may not be the cause.
3. Try this: http://doc.m0n0.ch/handbook/config-interfaces.html
4. DNS from either your ISP or "opendns.com" (see the right side of 
their home page for two addresses).
5. You should be able to use your other servers later to hand out LAN 
DCHP and DNS information - but I'd use monowall until you can get it 
working (fewer variables to debug).  I think unchecking the "block" box 
above may be the most helpful at this point.


Rendra Basuki wrote:
> Hi John, 
> Great to hear from you.
> Here is what I have done so far:
> 1. I tried to switch the WAN and LAN interface to make sure both cards are
> OK and they are OK.
> 2. I set the DSL modem LAN interface to enable DHCP server and connect the
> LAN Interface from the modem to the m0n0wall WAN interface and set the
> monowall WAN type to DHCP.
> 3. Then I reboot the modem and reboot the m0n0wall and then I go to the
> interface diagnostic, the LAN and WAN for m0n0wall are both up, but the wann
> cannot get any IP address, it says Status up and DHCP up, but the IP address
> are subnet is --> I assume this is from the modem? Or
> maybe I am wrong?
> 4. I am going to try setting the DNS addresses in the monowall... The DNS
> address from the ISP, right?
> 5. By the way, I already have a DHCP and a DNS server inside the intranet. I
> would like to still use those two servers instead of using monowall DHCP and
> DNS. So far, if I use the modem directly, it works. But when I hooked the
> modem to the monowall machine it was not recognized.
> Any suggestions?
> Thank you
> Rendra
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> what?
> Rendra,
> Hook the ADSL to the Monowall WAN NIC with a straight-through cable, then
> (for now) use a cross-over cable direct to the PC from Monowall LAN NIC.
> Don't use the switch while you're debugging.  Make sure all NIC lights are
> on (to show cable connections are ok) if not then first try changing the
> cables in case the ADSL wants a cross-over cable (ADSL documentation may
> indicate which to use too).
> The ADSL modem should be set to provide DHCP services to monowall (WAN side
> should show IP from the ADSL modem).  That's the easiest, harder is to
> specify static IP's for both units.  You may need to hook the PC to the ADSL
> to verify its settings.
> Monowall should have DHCP service enabled on the LAN side so your PC will
> pick it up.  I'd suggest getting that connection to work first - so you have
> access to the WEB GUI and can see what is going on in there (check the
> "interfaces" menu item to see the status of the NICs and IP addresses).
> You may need to specify DNS IP addresses in Monowall to get through your
> ADSL (issue I had before that took a while to figure out).  I could ping an
> IP address number 68.233.?.? but not www.google.com which were the same
> site.
> After settings are changed, reboot all the boxes in the order from the
> internet (ADSL, then monowall, then PC).
> John
> Rendra Basuki wrote:
>> Dear John and m0n0wallist...
>> So, I managed to start my m0n0wall... Yaaayy... But, I cannot go to 
>> internet nor ping my ADSL modem.
>> Just for info, my ADSL modem has LAN interface that I set to I
>> (example) and then I connect the LAN interface from modem with Cross 
>> cable to m0n0wall WAN. Now, this is the confusing part... Should I use 
>> regular LAN cable instead?
>> Also, what WAN type should I choose? I am currently using static IP by 
>> assigning to the WAN port in m0n0wall, the m0n0wall LAN itself 
>> is set to My modem is a self dialing ADSL modem that is 
>> always on. How can I share its connection through m0n0wall?
>> I also put the picture of the m0n0wall settings for reference.
>> Please help
>> Thank you
>> Rendra
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>> I've added additional responses ("o-")...
>> Rendra Basuki wrote:
>>> Dear John,
>>> Than you for your sophisticated reply. I will put my comment the 
>>> points with
>>> * as the bullet under each paragraph.
>>> Thank you
>>> Rendra