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 From:  krt <kkrrtt at gmail dot com>
 To:  "Jimmy Bones (Mhottie)" <mhottie at gmail dot com>
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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] new WRAP board yet?
 Date:  Mon, 09 Jul 2007 10:38:03 -0700
"Price Secrecy", especially with small businesses, usually stems from 
how purchases are made.

They don't usually keep things in stock, or if they do, it's in small 
batches.  Your purchase either applies to existing stock or future, but 
in either way you're likely going to be paying the retailer this:

Cost of unit on day of sale (replace stock or acquire), + fees for 
running the business that was able to provide you with the right means 
to make the sale, plus whatever profit is there, if any is left + 

This is very true on very small unit sales (what you see with specialty 
items such as the machines we all like to run m0n0wall on).

Basically, it saves everyone a little money to do it this way.  The 
vendor that has stock sitting around for months at a time is going to 
have to charge you more for that same router or make less profit than 
the vendor that can acquire and deliver dynamically as need arises.

If tech prices for gear stayed the same in addition to the economies 
that we all play in, none of this would matter.  Gear drops in price 
fast though, hence the "just in time" business philosophy winning out by 
providing a lower cost supply chain and therefore product.

Then again, they could just be trying to bilk ya for all ya got ;-).

Jimmy Bones (Mhottie) wrote:
> Ok, what's with all the price secrecy here? Does anyone have the price for
> these?
> -j
> On 7/9/07, Jakob Strebel <jakob at teamstrebel dot ch> wrote:
>> Sergei,
>> >
>> > Have anybody checked LEX boards?
>> >
>> > http://www.lex.com.tw
>> >
>> > I have ordered one CV860A in fanless Light case, waiting for delivery.
>> > They confirmed FreeBSD compatibility, and up to 800 MHz could be 
>> used in
>> > fanless cases (if you will not order 1GBit LAN, but use 10/100 
>> instead).
>> 1.231 is running on it! Take the generic image
>> jakob
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