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 From:  "Claude Morin" <klodefactor at gmail dot com>
 To:  "m0n0wall Mailing List" <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  PPTP connections fail for several hours after ending a PPTP session
 Date:  Mon, 23 Jul 2007 12:50:33 -0400
I have several users trying to make PPTP connections from behind a m0n0wall
(v1.231) to an Internet-connected PPTP server.  The m0n0wall has private IP
addresses for the LAN, a single static IP for the WAN, and hide NAT for
outbound connections.  Here's the problem scenario:

   - userA connects to site1 successfully
   - userB can not connect to site1 while userA is connected
      - This is a known limitation when all LAN hosts hide behind only
      one external IP, correct?
   - userB can not connect to site2 while userA is connected
      - I believe this should work.  Can anyone verify?
   - userA disconnects from site1
   - userB still can not connect to site1 or site2
      - I believe both should work.

   - If we wait several hours, something must get reset or time out
   somewhere, because the first user to try to connect via PPTP (to either
   site1 or site2) succeeds.
      - Rebooting the m0n0wall has the same effect: once the m0n0wall
      is back up, the first user to try succeeds.
      - Using "Diagnostics -> Reset state" for "Firewall state table"
   has no effect.
      - BTW I just now asked my users to try the "Reset state"
      operation for just "NAT table", and then for both.

Thanks in advance for any insights,