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 From:  "Neil A. Hillard" <m0n0 at dana dot org dot uk>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Re: multiple domains with m0n0wall?
 Date:  Fri, 3 Aug 2007 16:10:27 +0100

>>> I think you would need to use an additional box running something like
>>> Squid as a reverse proxy to achieve this.
>When it is possible to host both websites with one apache installation
>(on one server), then you could use name based virtual hosts:
>No additional proxy would be needed, and the webserver can
>differentiate requests to the two domains according to the  HTTP-

The original question (which someone very kindly deleted from a reply!)

>i have one static ip adress. behind a monowall 2 webservers are running
>on different machines.
>it's just a small testing installation. now i like different rules for
>different URL's.
>e.g. the request goes to www.myfirstdomain.ltd, the request should be
>through NAT/Firewall to Server1,
>a second request goes to www.myseconddomain.ltd, all requests should go
>unfiltered to Server2.
>is it possible to filter requests by domains? is something like that
>possible in general?

The op has two servers therefore he must run a separate proxy or run a
proxy on one of the machines, using host header based virtual hosting.



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