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 From:  "David Burgess" <apt dot get at gmail dot com>
 To:  "Duncan Drury" <DDrury at christian dash aid dot org>
 Cc:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] M0n0wall to model poor internet connections
 Date:  Mon, 6 Aug 2007 12:01:15 -0600
On 8/6/07, Duncan Drury <DDrury at christian dash aid dot org> wrote:
> I am using m0n0wall to model the network conditions that my
> organisation's overseas offices experience.  This allows us to test how
> well different applications perform under those conditions and make
> adjustments accordingly.  I thought I'd share how I am doing this in
> case it is useful to others, and also to see if anyone sees any problems
> with my method.
> For each office I am using www.speedtest.net to get an approximate
> measurement of bandwidth both up and down, and the delay.  I then take
> the figures I have and create two pipes in m0n0 for each office - one
> with the download bandwidth and one with the upload bandwidth.
> I then create a rule for each of these pipes - the download rule is for
> incoming traffic on the WAN for any protocol, any port and to and from
> any host.  This has the download pipe applied to it.
> I create a similar rule for uploading except here the rule is for
> outgoing traffic on the WAN.
> I then activate only the two rules for the particular office I want to
> model.
> So far this seems to be effective.  Has anyone got any suggestions for
> how I might improve this?  I'm particularly interested in any ideas on
> how to better gather the information on network conditions in our
> offices.  Does anyone see any flaws in my use of pipes and rules?

You could further edit your pipe to introduce delay and packet loss if desired.