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 From:  "Albert Lash" <albert dot lash at gmail dot com>
 To:  "Peter Boosten" <peter at boosten dot org>
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 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] IPAM
 Date:  Thu, 9 Aug 2007 14:58:41 -0400
This thread got me thinking too. I've often wanted an admin tool for
IPs, assets, and services. Today I got thinking that maybe mydns could
be a start. Most IPs have names assigned to them.

I know m0n0wall is a firewall first and foremost, but as more
non-firewall appliances are built off it (askozia, FreeNAS), it makes
sense to me that a m0n0 core exist for extrapolation. That's why I'm
excited about the unborn project, but the more I learn about it I see
the goals are quite different and wider in scope than what I had in

I'm familiar with the howtos and tutorials available for rolling your
own m0n0wall, and feel there's an opportunity to create a project to
automate the process. Askozia did this to a certain extent with
m0n0dev.php, but I'm thinking of something more like the image
building process used by the wrts, sans gnu make, substituted by

On 8/9/07, Peter Boosten <peter at boosten dot org> wrote:
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> Lee Sharp wrote:
> > Peter Boosten wrote:
> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> I must have missed the big picture, but what does IP Administration have
> >> in common with a firewall?
> >
> > Most people with firewalls use IP addresses.  Many of those are managed
> > by the firewall. Some management solutions integrate with some
> > firewalls.  And there is a common interest for many users.  I am sure a
> > better solution will soon shake out, and after a few "This works" posts
> > it will drop off.
> Yes, I can see the convience that would give. It's my believes however
> that a firewall should only do what it's for: keep the bad traffic out.
> I can even live with a DHCP server on board, since m0n0 (which I love
> btw) is used in a SOHO environment as well. But those aren't exactly the
> places where one would suspect an IP Administration tool.
> IPAM is for large(r) environments, and the more functionality you push
> into a firewall, the more vulnerable your organisation gets whenever it
> has been compromised.
> >
> > However the best reason is that this list is one of the best collection
> > of knowledgeable technical professionals anywhere.  An occasional off
> > topic post can lead to some very good software.  This list has actually
> > pointed me at two projects I am now actively involved in, AimSniff and
> > zoneminder.  (Also several other cool things I don't actively
> > participate in)
> I can see the advantages of this argument, and I'm following this thread
> with great pleasure. I was merely reacting on the fact that m0n0wall
> should get IPAM functionality.
> Peter
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