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 From:  peter green <pcg at agathongroup dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] DHCP and bridged interfaces
 Date:  Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:36:19 -0600
* Steve Bertrand <iaccounts at ibctech dot ca> [070821 20:01]:
> > Is there some problem with running the DHCP server on a bridged connection
> > to serve both my wired and wireless internal clients on the same internal
> > network (
> Actually, there may be.
> Do you have provision to put a standalone DHCP server on your network
> (wireless or LAN) and disable the DHCP server of the router itself?

Perhaps, but that's really not what I sold our client. :-/

> Check to see if this standalone server can respond to broadcast DHCP
> req's over the bridge link.
> Better yet, and more importantly, have you verified that you can jump
> the bridge by implementing statically assigned boxes on both sides of
> the bridge and pinging back and forth? (If this fails, DHCP will almost
> certainly fail).

Nope, but I'll check on that.

> I can't say I'm familiar with the in/out's of the DHCP server in
> m0n0wall, but I can say that if you have firewall rules in the way
> across the bridge, it's a possibility that DHCP will fail before you
> even get a chance.

There aren't any firewall rules in the way since I have opened it up
completely on LAN and Wired.

I'm not familiar with the DHCP server in m0n0wall either, but Googling
around I see *BSD problems with DHCP servers and bridged interfaces... but
those are from like 2004, and generally have to do with user error.  So it
makes me think that perhaps m0n0wall doesn't set up the DHCP server in the
best way, at least not WRT a bridged interface.  It looks like
/etc/dhcpd.interfaces (which should have a list of network interfaces to
which dhcpd(8) should listen) might be someplace to look...

In any case, thanks for the email -- I'll check to make sure we can pass
packets across the bridge first of all.  Any further info is appreciated!

Peter Green : Agathon Group : pcg at agathongroup dot com