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 From:  Lee Sharp <leesharp at hal dash pc dot org>
 To:  Monowall Support List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: [m0n0wall] Reliable AP equipment 400mW
 Date:  Fri, 12 Oct 2007 11:02:01 -0500
I sent an e-mail to Engenius today.  It is a bit strong, but covers the 
issue.  Let's see what happens.  Message follows...  The pic is not 
included on the list.  It is our network monitoring program with a lot 
of red lights where APs go.  We have been looking at the Netgear WG102, 
and while only 100mw, it seems to have better range than we thought.



I am the technical guy at Meg-Kari.  Ervind, who has been speaking with 
you about our problem, is the business guy.  Our business provides 
wireless internet access at many venues, and from the beginning, 
Engenius access points have played a part.  We still have several big 
silver metal 802.11b APs in service.  See the enclosed picture to get an 
idea how many access points we have in use.  This is about 1/4th of the 
page, and some venues do not pay for monitoring.  For the most part, 
access points have been things I do not need to think about.  However, 
in the past year or so, things have changed.

Procurement-- For an end user, we have a lot of equipment.  Because of 
our volume, we get most things direct from a manufacture, or from a 
quality wholesaler.  In one case we buy direct from the factory in 
China.  And at one point we bought direct from you.  Then one day we 
were told we didn't buy enough, and would have to go though a 
distributer.  ASI was recommended, and they are local, so we decided to 
use them.  For the past several months we have purchased EVERY UNIT THEY 
HAVE IN STOCK!  We clean them out within hours of stock arriving, and we 
still do not have enough.  We have started to use a different product 
from a different source as we occasionally need some APs immediately, 
and ASI won't stock enough.  This does beg the question, "If your 
wholesaler can not keep up with our volume, how is it that we ordered 
too little?"

RMA-- I am a stable guy.  I have used one wholesaler in Houston for 
almost 15 years. (www.directron.com)  They have ALL of my orders on line 
so if a part fails they can match an invoice to a serial number in 
seconds.  Within 5 minutes of my phone call (or in person as I pick up 
parts often) I know if a part is in warranty, and I am supported 
immediately.  With you, since we were kicked to other providers, it is a 
lot more complex.  When I have a broken AP, were did it come from?  This 
has become needlessly complex at your request.  We now write invoice 
numbers on the bottom of units just to track them.  This looks bad to 
our clients, and is a sloppy way to do things.

The Problem--  In the past year, quality has fallen.  I went from never 
having to think about APs to replacing them constantly.  I am not alone. 
  (See thread "Reliable AP equipment 400mW" at 
http://m0n0.ch/wall/list/?action=show_threads&actionargs[]=200710 )  I 
have gone from a service life of several years to a service life, in 
some cases, of months! On the estimated 400+ APs I have in service I am 
seeing dozens of failures, but only in the ECB-3220 units.  Worse yet, 
most of the replacements see to be from the same bad batch.  It is not 
cost effective if I have to replace a given AP 3 times in the 1 year 
warrenty. (and then again at my cost after)  Knowing what I am seeing, 
and what I am reading about, there is no way that you are not aware of a 
serious problem.  Why, then, are you making it difficult for me to do 
business with you?

What I need is a fast and simple solution to the problem.  One possible 
solution is for you to allow me to work directly with Engenius, and not 
have to work with ASI, as well as suspend some of the paperwork until 
this problem in your factory is resolved.  Another one is for me to 
rewire all of my venues to increase the density where a 100mw AP will 
suffice, and to go with Netgear.  Normally the later would be a much 
more expensive option as it would require 2 APs for every one of yours 
and substantial rewiring.  However, managing this problem at your 
factory has been a very substantial cost in both my time, and the 
perception of my customers.  I am anxiously awaiting your response, and 
I hope this can be resolved quickly and painlessly for both of us. Thank 

             Lee Sharp