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 From:  "Jurgen van Vliet" <jurgenvv at xs4all dot nl>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  How to interpret Atheros 5212 miniPCI TxPowMax setting ?
 Date:  Fri, 30 Nov 2007 09:01:20 +0100
Hi people,

Just a question I don't seem to be able to figure out while googling on it.
I got an m0n0 1.3b5 box running to test with an miniPCI wifi card with chip
Atheros 5212.
This card is capable of 26 dB power and to be legal here I have to put power
down to 20 dB.

When I look at the ifconfig I see an value of txpowmax 38. How does this
relate to the power in dB or mW ?
If this value 100% of the max thus 26 dB ?
If so then 26 dB is 400 mW is 38, 20 dB is 100 mW , thus 1/4th of the max
power and I have to put it on 9.5 ?

If anyone knows how to do this, or can point me in the right direction where
to find the info I would very much appreciate it ! :)



Dmesg : 

ath0: <Atheros 5212> mem 0xe0080000-0xe008ffff irq 9 at device 12.0 on pci0
ath0: Ethernet address: 00:02:6f:3f:3f:b3
ath0: mac 10.4 phy 6.1 radio 6.3

Ifconfig : 

$ ifconfig ath0
	inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
	ether 00:02:6f:3f:3f:b3
	media: IEEE 802.11 Wireless Ethernet autoselect mode 11g <hostap>
	status: associated
	ssid TESTING channel 5 bssid 00:02:6f:3f:3f:b3
	authmode WPA1+WPA2/802.11i privacy MIXED deftxkey 3 TKIP 2:128-bit
	TKIP 3:128-bit txpowmax 38 bmiss 7 protmode CTS burst dtimperiod 1
	bintval 100

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Sterling Windmill [mailto:sterling dot windmill at custdata dot com] 
Verzonden: donderdag 29 november 2007 16:48
Aan: m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
Onderwerp: Re: [m0n0wall] 1.3b5 and filtering bridge/traffic shaper on ALIX

I have found that disabling traffic shaping causes firewall states to be 
properly shown, but after enabling it no new firewall states are being 
displayed. Also, traffic shaping does not appear to be working in 
combination with the filtering bridge.

Sterling Windmill wrote:
> I have migrated from a standalone PC running m0n0wall 1.231 to an ALIX 
> 2.1 board (three NICs) running the newest 1.3b5
> I am using m0n0wall in front of our Cisco PIX in order to utilize it's 
> robust traffic shaping features, and it was working great with the 
> previous hardware/software combination.
> After manually duplicating my existing (standalone PC) configuration 
> on the ALIX and putting the box into production it doesn't seem to be 
> exhibiting the same behavior as the previous version.
> I am bridging WAN and OPT1. LAN is configured with a static IP but is 
> not connected to anything. I have enabled filtering bridge and have 
> added in any to any rules on both WAN and OPT1. I have added a few 
> traffic shaping rules that apply to both WAN and OPT1 interfaces. I 
> have not touched any NAT configuration or done much else in the way of 
> making changes away from the defaults other than disabling the DHCP 
> server and giving WAN a static (public) IP address.
> I am able to pass traffic through the box with no issue, our 
> connection to the outside world through the ALIX system remains 
> intact. I am not, however, seeing any firewall states other than my 
> own access to the web GUI through the WAN interface (I have allowed 
> only certain IPs to access in this way), and I am 100% sure that large 
> numbers of connections are being made through the box. If I disable 
> and re-enable traffic shaping I see a few extra entries in the 
> firewall states that seem to be valid, but no new entries show up 
> afterwards.
> I have also verified that traffic shaping does not seem to be working, 
> as I have added a small pipe and corresponding rules to shape traffic 
> originating from my PC behind the m0n0wall and PIX and see no change 
> in throughput.
> Has anyone else experienced problems with 1.3b5 filtering 
> bridge/traffic shaper perhaps specifically on the new ALIX hardware?
> Best regards,
> Sterling Windmill
> Custom Data Solutions, Inc.


	Sterling Windmill
Systems and Technology
Phone: 586-752-9671 Ext 146
Fax: 586-752-6589
www.custdata.com <http://www.custdata.com>

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