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 From:  Michael Brown <knightmb at knightmb dot dyndns dot org>
 To:  Monowall User List <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  Re: LAN2 Bandwidth Limiting Related
 Date:  Sat, 12 Jan 2008 08:04:13 -0600
If they are on a separate LAN segment, but you both share the same 
gateway out to the Internet, Traffic Shaping is the easiest way to go. 
It's not that you have to create any fancy rules, just create two pipes, 
one for upload, one for download and use a traffic shaping rule that 
anything coming from LAN2 will be assigned to those pipes. Since the 
entire LAN2 will be assigned the pipes, they will share whatever max you 

That's really what the Traffic Shaping section is about, so there isn't 
really any other way that would be easiest in my opinion. I know it 
would take about 2 minutes top to setup those rules and you can modify 
them at anytime and it will instantly if you feel they need more/less 


Michel Servaes wrote:
> Beta 1.3b8 - Installed, rebooted and running on a Pentium III-600E(B) 
> MHz cpu / 384MB RAM (with an 512MB CF/IDE card - I know that I only 
> need 8MB, but I don't have anything smaller)
> Another question though, I have a setup with two LAN cards and one WAN 
> card.
> My second LAN card is to allow my neighbours on the internet (via an 
> AP connected to the LAN2 (OPT1))
> Is there a way (without having to go through Traffic Shaper) to limit 
> their bandwidth in a fashionable way ??
> Currently I am using CARP for LAN2, made them authenticate one time 
> (so I could assign the MAC addresses so they don't have to 
> authenticate no more)... and in CARP I could limit their bandwidth to 
> 512K down and 128K up.
> It is a solution, but I guess other people here might find it useful 
> to have it in somekind of setup option on the LAN cards themselves, 
> some kind of bandwidth limitation... because when using pipes I myself 
> cannot go higher than the pipe I created (and I read that one should 
> create pipes to only the maximum that is available to you)