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 From:  "Gomti Cable Network Pvt. Ltd. Customer Care" <care at sikkanet dot com>
 To:  m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch
 Subject:  An age old question with a twist
 Date:  Wed, 23 Jan 2008 19:50:33 +0000
Hello Everyone,

I have sifted through our dear google's search system, both, the
general internet one and the m0n0.ch based..

all that work, got me megabytes of data but did not find me a workable
solution. Allow me to present the situation with a router config which
I am trying to replace with m0n0wall:

interface Ethernet0
 ip address XXX.YYY.100.8 secondary
 ip address XXX.YYY.100.1
 no ip redirects
 no ip proxy-arp
 no ip route-cache cef
interface Ethernet1
 ip address XXX.YYY.8.46
 ip broadcast-address XXX.YYY.8.47
 no ip redirects
 no ip proxy-arp
 no ip route-cache cef
 load-interval 30
 duplex auto
ip classless
ip route Ethernet1 XXX.YYY.8.45
ip route XXX.YYY.100.32 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.40 XXX.YYY.100.16
ip route XXX.YYY.100.48 XXX.YYY.100.16
ip route XXX.YYY.100.56 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.64 XXX.YYY.100.17
ip route XXX.YYY.100.80 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.96 XXX.YYY.100.16
ip route XXX.YYY.100.128 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.160 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.168 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.176 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.184 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.192 XXX.YYY.100.18
ip route XXX.YYY.100.208 XXX.YYY.100.19
ip route XXX.YYY.100.224 XXX.YYY.100.16
ip route XXX.YYY.101.0 XXX.YYY.100.16
ip route XXX.YYY.103.0 XXX.YYY.100.17
ip route XXX.YYY.110.0 XXX.YYY.100.16

So, as you can see from the above:

WAN Interface:
XXX.YYY.8.46 /

LAN Interface:
Secondary XXX.YYY.100.8
Primary     XXX.YYY.100.1

Blocks XXX.YYY.100.0/24, XXX.YYY.101.0/24, XXX.YYY.103.0/24,
XXX.YYY.110.0/24,  are forwarded by the ISP to the WAN block of
XXX.YYY.8.46 /

Some of these blocks are further subnetted on the existing router and
forwarded by the existing router to servers. All IP's and blocks are

Any help in getting this to work will be highly appreciated. I have
managed to get monowall working with the LAN IP and WAN IP but have
been unable to route the different blocks to and from the related
servers as pointed in the comparable cisco config.

Cheers !