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 From:  Martin Roth <tild23 at hotmail dot com>
 To:  <m0n0wall at lists dot m0n0 dot ch>
 Subject:  M0n0wall with Alix 2C2 or 2C1 - Which device should i get?
 Date:  Mon, 4 Feb 2008 07:09:25 +0000

I'm about to set up a home firewall using m0n0wall and an Alix device. The problem is that i can't
decide which Alix to get. The two candidates are the Alix 2C1 (with three nics, 433 mhz LX700, 128
Mb ram) or the Alix 2C2 (with two nics, 500 mhz LX800, 256 Mb ram). The best option (combining the
strengths of the two devices i just mentioned) would possibly be the 2C3 but it seems hard to get
hold of in Sweden, where i live. 

When would i have the need of using three nics? I intend to have a wireless accesspoint on the lan
and nat any ports i want to expose through the Wan to the Lan. Do i actually need the third nic if i
dont plan to have a Dmz, dual Wans or a separate Captive portaled wireless network?

What throughput/performance could i expect to get with the LX700 vs the LX800 with Wan->Lan and
Lan->Wan? That is: How fast internet connection could i expect to be able to fully use before the
Alix/m0n0wall starts to choke?

I hope someone with a bit of Alix/m0n0wall experince could reply. It sould be greatly appricated. 

Best regards. 


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